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Slumber Party Podcast

A practical, real-talk, and humorous take on baby and child sleep, and the journey that is parenthood.

S3E3: Amanda Answers Ashley on Sleep Training!

One of Amanda's MOST COMMONLY ASKED questions is getting answered this week!  Listener Ashley jumps on with Amanda to talk about failed sleep training attempts and gets to the bottom of why 'sleep training' doesn't always work out the first time around. If you've had...

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S3E2: The Parent Map Talks Parenting Toddlers

Resident sleep expert Amanda Jewson is joined by mom & dad duo The Parent Map who are parent & family coaches who not only GET what you're going through (because they have gone through it too), but they've also done all of the heavy lifting so that you don't...

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S2E4: Alana Kayfetz: A CEO Talks Sleep!

Amanda: (00:00) Hey everybody, welcome to another edition of slumber party. I invite you to my slumber party, except unlike the ones you attended in the 90s. This one actually includes sleep for you, your children, and the entire family. Every week I have any unique...

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