Toronto Masterclasses for Baby Sleep Help

Powerful Masterclasses to help you survive your sleep struggles!


So, you get your little one sleeping through the night…until 5:30 am and you feel like you just can’t budge past that point. What do you do? The exciting is, lots! I’ve helped countless families find strategies that work to extend those pesky mornings – so what are you waiting for?!


Learn how to encourage naps through consistent skills and bit of science about sleep.
I would call myself an enthusiast of naps. And the proof is in the pudding folks: my 5 and 3 year old girls CHOOSE to nap, even on vacation. Naps are my THING.
Naps are a funny thing however because you need sleep skills to maintain them. So if your babe is sleeping at night but not during the day and you’re looking for your next steps, this is the class for you!

I knew I had to sleep train and I also knew I couldn’t do it without a professional. I can’t emphasize enough on how Amanda was wonderful throughout our journey with her! She was extremely professional yet so sweet and helpful. Her guidance and positive attitude gave us so much confidence and reassurance. She had the time to listen, guide, and always check in on how things are going. She made sure we were ready to be on our own after we finished training and that by itself is why I would always recommend Amanda and even use her expertise with baby #2!
I’m such a new person, I actually have time now to myself, husband, and even to my son! We are much more cheerful and happy around the house. We are so grateful to have chosen Amanda.
Thank you for everything!

Latifah Aly