Our Process

Working with Baby's Best Sleep

With Baby’s Best Sleep, you’ll work with a one-on-one consultant who will help you teach your child to go to sleep independently (without having to be on your body). Many of our sleep consultant services are covered by insurance or benefits as well!

All of our consultants use methods that are emotionally supportive and allow you to connect with your child every step of the way. You can touch and love your baby through the entire process, even when you’re teaching them to go to sleep on their own.

The vast majority of our clients have their babies sleeping on their own in three days or less.

step 1

Find your consultant.

Use our Matching Tool or explore the Our Consultants page to identify which Certified Sleep Consultant you'd like to work with.

step 2

Free consultation.

Book a discovery call with your Certified Sleep Consultant of choice to get the process started.

step 3

Be rested.

Move through our thoughtful process, customized to you, and build a healthy sleep practice for your family.

What does our Sleep Program include?

When you work with Baby's Best Sleep we build you a sleep plan designed specifically for your family. The difference in our service is that we work to understand your sleep challenges and meet you where you; there is no one size fits all approach. 

A comprehensive sleep evaluation of your baby's current sleep habits and day-to-day routines.

Sleep Strategy
A detailed plan that outlines a complete sleep strategy for teaching your baby to sleep on their own.

You will review in detail the step by step of your sleep strategy on the phone with your consultant, identifying contingency strategies for every situation. You'll be prepared for bedtime, night wakings, naps, morning wake-up time and more.

Text Support
We will stay on line and on call via text for your first night to ensure you are supported until your baby falls asleep. We are in this with you.

Ongoing Support
Your text lifeline doesn't end at night one, you can reach out to us for two weeks following your your first night to ensure you feel confident and prepared to implement your sleep strategies.

Phone Support
In addition to the text communication, we will book four additional calls with you to ensure that your follow-up questions are answered and your sleep goals are met.

Ready to start your journey to  better sleep?

Use the only Matching Tool in the market to identify your best fit Sleep Consultant on the Baby's Best Sleep team. We are always working to simplify your pathways to healthy sleep in your home, give it a whirl!

*Sleep consultants may be covered by your insurance or benefits.