Getting Started

Better sleep is possible.

Getting started is a snap with the Baby's Best Sleep team. The first step is deciding if we are the right sleep consultancy for you and your family. Our team is Canada's leading group of Sleep Consultants thanks to our emotionally supportive approach, the value we place on collaborating with the families we work with, and our undeniable results that align with the boundaries and needs of our clients.

Most of our clients are able to successfully transition to healthier sleep with their babies in three days or less. You can read our reviews to hear directly from the families that choose Baby's Best Sleep as their sleep team.

To begin the process of deciding on which of our Certified Sleep Consultants is the right fit for you, keep reading and pick the path best suited to your decision making style below.

Meet our Consultants and decide through research.

We know that not everyone makes a decision the same way; it is similar to how no family will approach building healthy sleep systems the same way with our team. 

Use the Our Consultants page to read through their biographies and get to know them before making the choice to book your Discovery Call.

Get Matched with our online matching tool.

We have developed a matching tool that asks a series of questions that best helps us determine a strong fit on our Sleep Consultant team. The questions also form the basis for the first call you'll have with your consultant allowing your first conversation to have depth and direction. We want you to feel supported from the first moment you meet with us.

What is a Discovery Call?

Our discovery calls are an opportunity for you to engage with a Baby's Best Sleep consultant and assess comfort and fit. You will discuss the challenges you're facing around sleep in your family, the process that will be undertaken to course correct and ultimately initiate your program with our team.

Ready to find your Consultant?