About Baby's Best Sleep

Canada's Sleep Leaders for a reason

At Baby’s Best Sleep, we’re passionate about mental health for you and your baby – and we know that everyone struggles when their baby doesn’t sleep. That’s why we love to help families create sleep solutions that work for the entire family. 

Our consultants are Certified sleep experts, and our programs are rooted in the latest infant sleep research. If you're looking for a social worker sleep consultant, you can find that here, too, which means that many of our sleep consultant services might be covered by your insurance plan. You can rest assured that you’re working within a scientifically proven, authentic, compassionate program. 

Meet Amanda

As a mother of two young girls and a seasoned sleep consultant, my journey has led me to a profound realization. Initially, my passion was centered on resolving sleep challenges, understanding deeply how disruptive sleep issues can be for the entire family. But over time, my mission has evolved.

Today, I am dedicated to guiding families on a journey that goes beyond just achieving better sleep. My focus is now on helping you, as parents, to listen to your instincts, honor your own needs, and most importantly, embrace the unique individuality of your child. I believe that every child leads the way in their growth and development, and as parents, our role is to provide loving direction, not stringent solutions.

I invite you to step away from the endless online search for 'perfect sleep' solutions. Instead, let's work together to understand and respect your child's unique sleep patterns and needs. Our goal is not to enforce a one-size-fits-all approach, but to create an environment where trust, security, and warmth flourish, and where your child's sleep journey aligns harmoniously with the well-being of your entire family.

Join me in embracing a more intuitive, respectful approach to parenting. Together, we will celebrate the unique journey of your family, ensuring that everyone’s well-being is nurtured.

My Training

I am a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and have completed extensive and rigorous training in 1 of only 5 pediatric programs recognized by the APSC.  My programs are rooted in the latest child and infant research and sleep science so you can rest assured your baby is working within not only a honest program but a scientifically proven one.

My background is in education. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Education (with a Guidance and Counselling Specialty)  from York University and have just completed my Bachelor of Social Work. I have a special interest in mental health, wellness, and counseling and am now a registered Social Worker. 

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