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Jamie Lai

Senior Sleep Consultant, MSW

Full package: $930

Meet Jamie, an experienced sleep consultant and source of support within the world of parenting. As a registered social worker with a BA in health studies and gerontology, a BA in society, culture, and religion from McMaster University, and a Master of Social Work from the University of Windsor, Jamie combines her education with empathy, support, and responsiveness in her sleep consulting approach. Clients value Jamie’s quick responses, attention to detail, and the quality of care she provides. Jamie’s primary goal is to ensure new parents feel supported and empowered to achieve restful sleep, recognizing the unique challenges presented by each client. Jamie is certified to work with children from newborn to 5 years old. Sleep consultants may be covered by your insurance or benefits.

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Whether you’re at the beginning stages of sleep training with your baby or you just want to improve your mental health as a parent, the sleep consultants at Baby’s Best Sleep are here to help.

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