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Amanda Jewson

Head Consultant, BEd, BSW

Full package: $1200

Meet Amanda, your devoted sleep ally and a proud parent of two girls with a BEd, BSW, and completion of a MSW in 2025. Amanda’s passion for peaceful nights grew with motherhood, leading her into the world of sleep consulting to change the stigma and misunderstanding around sleep training. With a blend of compassion and fun, Amanda guides families through the early days of parenting. Clients cherish Amanda’s authentic approach, finding their experience nurturing and seamless. Amanda’s honesty ensures transparent guidance tailored to each unique family, empowering parents to find harmony and quality sleep for their children. Amanda is certified to work with children newborn to 5 years old.

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Whether you’re at the beginning stages of sleep training with your baby or you just want to improve your mental health as a parent, the sleep consultants at Baby’s Best Sleep are here to help.

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