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The Sunrise Squad: Why Your Tiny Tots Are Clocking in Early!

No, it’s not an illusion. Indeed, the little ones seem to be launching an earlier-than-usual morning rebellion. It may feel like a covert mission executed by the infant regiment to take over the household (and your sleep), but I assure you there’s a perfectly understandable explanation. As the delightful spring and summer months roll in, a certain… number of emails, DMs, and text messages regarding your children’s wake-up calls might have caught my attention.

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Back To Work – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I ugly cried the first day I returned home from work after mat leave.  Granted, my situation was a bit different. I returned to work after four months of mat leave instead of a year. But I landed my dream teaching job, we landed the dream nanny, and everything...

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The Need For Rest

Happy September! Welcome back to what I like to call the real ‘new year’. I’m sorry, you can’t take me to school every September and me not have every bone in my body not call that a NEW year. I’m not Jewish, but I think the Jewish faith has it right by celebrating...

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