Alberta, Canada Sleep Consultant

Sleep Consultant in Alberta

At Baby’s Best Sleep, we’re passionate about mental health for you and your baby – and we know that everyone struggles when their baby doesn’t sleep. That’s why we love to help families create sleep solutions that work for the entire family. 

Our consultants are certified sleep experts, and our programs are rooted in the latest infant sleep research. If you're looking for a social worker sleep consultant, you can find that here, too, which means that many of our sleep consultant services might be covered by your insurance plan. You can rest assured that you’re working within a scientifically proven, authentic, compassionate program. 

Meet Kaitlin

Kaitlin is mother one to a busy toddler. Kaitlin is an empathic, passionate and caring registered social worker (RSW). Kaitlin values connecting with clients and sharing in their  sleep journey. Kaitlin is passionate about mothers mental health and the importance sleep plays in this. Kaitlin has worked as a social worker with young families in Yukon for 7 years before relocating to Edmonton. Kaitlin is currently also working in a busy pediatric emergency department as a RSW with the focus on children’s mental health.

Kaitlin works with families in Alberta, Canada and given her qualifications as a Registered Social Worker, her services are covered by many insurance plans! This means that getting your family to sleep is both accessible and affordable. 

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