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Due to the unique nature of newborns, my newborn program is 100% online only through my DIY course.  This program is specially tailored for newborns, and includes the same gentle and supportive strategies I used to get both of my girls sleeping by 6 weeks. I offer newborn sleep help in Toronto and throughout the world, and I can help your family get the rest you need!

Have you ever wondered…

  • How can I teach my newborn to sleep on their own?

  • Is my newborn sleeping too much?

  • Is my newborn sleeping too little?

  • How long can my newborn be awake?

  • How to get my baby sleeping in their bassinet?

  • Can my newborn be on a schedule?
  • Are there things I can start doing right away to help baby sleep (YES!)
  • Will I ever sleep again? (YES!)

Newborn Package


0-13 weeks reccommended 


  • 100% online process 

  • Peer support 24/7 with every newborn client who joins the program
  • Includes tips on naps, night time, feedings, routines and so much more!
  • Program goes live January 13!
  • Early access for waitlist members. Join here!

“I’m the most passionate about my newborn program. Through a slow and steady approach, it’s totally possible to teach your baby to sleep gently, intuitively and effectively.”

“Amanda is totally open for questions and all about finding the solutions that work for you and your baby (with no guilt attached – ever!).  I would recommend Amanda to any new parents looking to lay a strong and successful sleep foundation with their newborn.”

Sara Guerin and Julie

Stratford, Canada

“Amanda’s skills and techniques have helped my twins tremendously. She took the time to hear our concerns and issues and created a plan that was tailored to us, which was important with twins. She is realistic in her approach and helps to make the experience a success.” Lori Dowling, Logan & Harrison

Toronto, Ontario

“I HIGHLY recommend Amanda’s services. She is very professional and you can tell that she has a sincere passion for her job. She was with us every step of the way and answered all questions promptly and assured this anxious mama that all would fall into place soon.”

Liz Payne and Remy

Toronto, Ontario

Newborn Sleep Consultant in Toronto  – Serving Worldwide!

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