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How can I teach my newborn to sleep on their own?
Is my newborn sleeping too much?
Is my newborn sleeping too little?
How long can my newborn be awake?
How to get my baby sleeping in their bassinet?
Can my newborn be on a schedule?
Are there things I can start doing right away to help baby sleep (YES!)
Will I ever sleep again? (YES!)

Newborn Sleep Survival Guide

0 – 13 Weeks

 They’re cute as a button, but you’re tired. Let’s fix that. 


This Survival Guide was designed with the idea that we could empower parents to help their child sleep from a young age. I know you can because I did it with both of my girls by 8 weeks! Slowly, and steadily –you will have the tools to implement to get a great sleeper and fantastic base of sleep knowledge. But remember–this is not sleep training. There are no guarantees your child will stop being their newborn selves – newborns wake frequently and it’s important to remember there’s nothing wrong if your child is doing this! But if you’re struggling to survive and want to put your best foot forward, this is just for you!

Work with Emma
0 – 13 Weeks

Virtual Consultation
Detailed Sleep Plan for newborn
1-hour Phone or Skype Consultation with your family to review plan
1 week of email support
3-30 minute support calls every two weeks.
Baby sleep guidelines, travel and Daylight Savings resource guides upon completion
Invite to Baby’s Best Sleepers– our Facebook support group, for those quick questions after we’re finished together

Amanda is totally open for questions and all about finding the solutions that work for you and your baby (with no guilt attached – ever!).  I would recommend Amanda to any new parents looking to lay a strong and successful sleep foundation with their newborn.

Sara Guerin