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Teach your baby to sleep on their own in just 3 days

(even if it sounds too good to be true)

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Do any of these sound like you right now?

✔️ Your baby has to be rocked or cuddled to sleep, so they’re on you every second of the day
✔️ You spend all your time trying to get your baby to go to sleep and can’t find five minutes to have a coffee or (gasp!) do something for yourself
✔️ You sometimes wonder why your baby didn’t come with a handbook
✔️ You’re frazzled and exhausted all the time
✔️ You’ve read all the books and still feel like you have no idea what the hell to do next

Sleep Expert in Toronto


Your baby can absolutely learn to fall asleep on their own and sleep through the night – and it can happen fast.

The vast majority of our clients have their babies sleeping on their own in three days or less. 

With Baby’s Best Sleep, you’ll work with a one-on-one consultant who will help you teach your child to go to sleep independently (without having to be on your body).

Sounds like a dream come true, right? But it’s totally doable.

And all our consultants use methods that are emotionally supportive and allow you to connect with your child every step of the way.

You can touch and love your baby through the entire process, even when you’re teaching them to go to sleep on their own.

You can touch and love your baby through the entire process,

even when you’re teaching them to fall asleep on their own.

About Our Sleep Consultants


At Baby’s Best Sleep, we’re passionate about mental health, for you and your baby – and we know that when your baby doesn’t sleep, everyone struggles. That’s why we’re passionate about helping families create sleep solutions that work for the entire family. 

Our consultants are all certified sleep experts and our programs are rooted in the latest infant sleep research. You can rest assured that you’re working within a scientifically proven program that is also gentle and compassionate. 

All our consultants are also moms, so we’ve been there and we get it.

We know this time in your life is batsh*t crazy, and we can help you get through it. 

What sets us apart from other infant and baby sleep consultants is the amount of support we provide.

As our client, you’ll get highly responsive text support exactly when you need it – so you never have to wait 24 hours to get the answers you need.

“Amanda Jewson and her magic sleep techniques saved my life! Really, what else could you possibly want more than that? Having twins comes with lots of *fun* sleep situations. Amanda was able to help us sort out the best methods for sleep training both babies. We started Baby’s Best Sleep at 4 months and today, at 9 months, the plan hasn’t changed. Our twins sleep all night long! Hallelujah!”

– Lisa

“Karen helped us get our 4 month old sleeping in his crib! I went from spending my days holding my son while he naps and dealing with his crankiness, to now having a happy baby who loves his routine and sleeps in his crib – no fuss! It was great working with Karen who was encouraging and gave me the plan I needed, instead of me wasting my time researching what to do.”

– Christine

Ever wished for a fairy godmother to come to your home and teach your baby to fall asleep independently?
This package is perfect for you.

The I have the best sleeper package

You’ll get everything you need to teach your baby to go to sleep on their own and stay asleep, without intervention from you. And you’ll be able to bypass common mistakes that can send you straight back to square one (and trust me, you really don’t want that!)


  1. A comprehensive sleep evaluation of your baby’s current sleep habits and day-to-day routines.
  2. An extremely detailed sleep plan that gives you a complete strategy for teaching your baby to sleep on their own. We’ll go over your plan with you on the phone, and you’ll get contingency strategies for every situation, including bedtime, night wakings, naps, morning wake-up time, and more. 
  3. “Night One” text support. You’ll implement your plan on the first night, and we’ll stay online with you until your child falls asleep. 
  4. Two weeks of daily text support after the first night as you continue to implement your sleep strategies.
  5. Four phone calls with your consultant to answer any follow-up questions and make sure you reach your sleep goals.


90% of our clients have their baby going to sleep on their own in just three days, and they reach all their sleep goals in approximately two weeks.

Sound too good to be true? I promise it’s not. I know you’re exhausted and desperate to get some sleep, but I promise you, we can help.

“We can’t say enough great things about our consultant. She helped us regain our confidence and set safe, happy and successful sleep boundaries for our little guy. We were very sleep deprived and confused as to why we were having such a hard time getting our 8 month old son to sleep. This was our second child and our first had been such an amazing and independent sleeper. Each night we had less and less wakings, by night 5 he had slept an entire 12 hours uninterrupted. Naps were also coming together and always lasting longer than an hour. My baby was even happier than usual and so were we. I wish we had decided to contact her sooner! She has set us up for future success.”

– Tabitha

“Working with our consultant at Baby’s Best Sleep was the best decision my husband and I have ever made! We went from co sleeping waking multiple times a night to our son falling asleep on his own in his own room in his own crib. She gave us the skills to be confident in the process and was very knowledgeable in all areas of sleep! She reassured me when I needed it and checked in multiple times a day! We highly recommend baby’s best sleep!”

– Elise

You also get this great bonus!

Access to our “Live Your Best Life” booklet to help parents tackle common sleep situations like nap schedule transitions, travelling, and Daylight Savings Time. 

It’s quick and easy to book your free initial consultation with one of our Baby’s Best Sleep Consultants. During that call, we’ll learn more about your family and figure out if we’re a good fit for working together. 

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*Optional Add-on: Night One one-to-one consultant support by text for $99
*Option to add night one one-to-one consultant support for $99

P.S. Are you going to tell me to let my baby “cry it out”?

Unfortunately there are no effective sleep training methods that don’t involve some form of crying. Some babies cry a lot, some babies cry a little, and some babies don’t cry at all.

But with the Baby’s Best Sleep approach, you will not have to leave your baby crying alone for long periods of time without some form of intervention. We always give our clients empowering ways to connect with their babies every step of the way as they’re doing sleep training.

Typically with our clients, the majority of crying passes within 3 days, and during that time you’ll have a sleep consultant right in your pocket to support you if you aren’t sure what to do next. 

Book your consultation today to find out how to get better sleep in just three days.

Our services may be covered under extended insurance plans! 

If you have a ‘Health Care Spending, Personal Spending or Mental Health Support’ accounts you may be eligible.  These accounts typically cover the costs of gym memberships, or fitness equipment and will often cover a portion or the entirety of our services–please check with your employer, HR or insurer.

Sleep now. Pay later. 

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