How to ‘Spring Forward’!

Guess what? It’s daylight savings this weekend? Freaking out?

Don’t be. I’ve got you covered.

The good news is this time change is a breeze and could get you an ‘extra hour’. Remember when you were childless, and you relished in ‘fall back’ because it meant an extra hour? Well, ‘Spring Forward’ is the new “Fall Back” for parents. Enjoy it! If your person is waking up at 6–well, for a few days they could be waking at 7! Woo hoo! Even so, a time change is a time change and here’s how to prepare your little person to kick butt during this transition!

Remember “Fall Back” strategies? Here the same “split the difference” rule applies. So if naptime was usually 9:30, it’s now 10:00 a.m. The same goes for the afternoon nap, and bedtime is 7:30. This will mean that your baby is going to bed a little earlier or sooner than the normal wait between sleeps, but again it’s not so much so that it’s going to interfere with his/her schedule too much.

It may take her a bit more time to fall asleep since he/she may not be as tired, but in a week’s time she will be back on track again. On day and night 4, move to the correct time on the clock again. Give it time and know that your baby will get back on schedule within a week, possibly two.

That’s IT! Plan for a week of adjustment either now, or on the day and you’ll be right back on track! Let’s chat soon!

Wishing you good luck this Daylight Savings!!

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