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Helping families with healthy sleep.

Baby's Best Sleep Consultant

Better sleep is possible.

Baby's Best Sleep teaches parents a skills based toolkit that will empower them and their family to a healthier relationship with sleep. Our certified consultants bring sleep science, emotionally respectful practices and mental health support to tired parents.

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Find your consultant.

Use our matching tool or explore the Our Consultants page to identify which Certified Sleep Consultant you'd like to work with.

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Free consultation.

Book a discovery call with your Certified Sleep Consultant of choice to get the process started.

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Be rested.

Move through our thoughtful process, customized to you, and build a healthy sleep practice for your family.

Marta Godfrey

Sleep Consultant

Zahra Haroon

Sleep Consultant

Our method works for you.

Our Certified Sleep Consultants work in a way that teaches parents how to avoid common tactics that create more protests. As a result, many of our clients are sleeping significantly better, with less protest in three days or less – all without the need for aggressive strategies or extinction methodologies. We put your family first.

I understand, I've been there.

I created Baby’s Best Sleep because I have been there. As a mom of two who struggled with sleep in her home, I am passionate about getting babies to sleep. Everyone knows that there will be sleep disruptions when a baby arrives, but when they start interfering with everyone’s well-being, it’s time to seek help from a baby sleep expert. My team and I offer respectful, empathetic and supportive service to our clients while we work together in ensuring your baby gets the sleep they need, and you return to healthier sleep, too.

We honestly cannot thank you enough for your brilliant coaching. We feel so enlightened and blessed having benefited from your program.

Our lives are forever changed.

Janelle and Julien