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Happy Baby = Happy Parent

I understand, I’ve been there.

As a mother of two young girls, I get it – when the baby isn’t sleeping, everyone’s sleep suffers.

It’s not JUST a baby concern or a mom concern; baby sleep is a family concern.

I created Baby’s Best Sleep because I am absolutely passionate about getting babies to sleep. Everyone knows that there will be sleep disruptions when a baby arrives but when the sleep disruptions start interfering with everyone’s well-being, it’s time to seek help from a sleeping specialist!

Why work with us?

Being a BBS consultant means we are not run of the mill. We are not average and your experience will be EXCEPTIONAL. We bring not only sleep science to the table but emotionally respectful training methodologies as well and mental health supports to tired parents. We work in a way that allows parents to prevent common mistakes that create more protest and as a result, many of our clients are sleeping significantly better, with less protest in 3 days or less without the need for aggressive strategies or extinction methodologies.

Thinking you'd like to be a sleep consultant?

Thinking you'd like to be a sleep consultant and join our amazing team here at Baby's Best Sleep? Visit our sign-up page today to take advantage of our upcoming training with expert sleep coach, Amanda Jewson.

Amanda was just amazing! My 12 month old was waking 2-3 times a night and would be up for hours each wake-up, crying and none of us were getting any rest. I was nervous about hiring a consultant as I was worried I would be forced to just make him cry until he went to sleep. By the first day he was going to sleep on his own in the crib for naps, and it took 3 nights for him to drop all night wakings and sleep for nearly 12 hours. The plan was compassionate, easy to follow, and Amanda provided such fantastic support without me feeling like I was compromising the approach I take to parenting my boys. Texts were responded to very quickly and I ALWAYS felt like I had the support I needed. Her approach was flexible based on parenting styles and we worked through any issue that came up. I can’t say enough good things about her, highly recommended!

– Adrienne Cuch and Jonah

Amanda has been a great support to me while nap training my 4 month old cat napper! It was so helpful to have someone to chat with regarding baby’s sleep, and get her on the right track towards taking longer naps. We have been given the tools for success, and we are enjoying watching our daughter succeed at sleeping better and better all the time! Thank you Amanda!

– Stephanie Cote and Callie

Julien is in bed sleeping now. The night is still young and hubby and I are going to have a late dinner together outside on the patio; something unheard of 2 weeks ago!

We honestly cannot thank you enough for your brilliant coaching. We feel so enlightened and blessed having benefited from your program. Our lives are forever changed.

Thanks so much from all three of us!

– Janelle and Julien

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