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Interested In Learning How To Become A Sleep Consultant In the US?

Are you interested in a new career that allows you to help others while also becoming more financially secure? Our Sleep Consultation Program is perfect for you! The program is immersive, supportive and gets you working in as little as three months. If you’re searching for a purpose-driven career that rewards you for the passion and energy you put into it AND gives you the time you want to devote to your family and community, being a baby sleep consultant is right for you!

Our next sessions start MAY 16, 2023 & SEPTEMBER 26, 2023


Self Study

  • Your Role as a Sleep Consultant
  • Basics of Baby Developmental Stages
  • Challenging the “one-size-fits-all” Science of Sleep
  • The Science of Attachment

In-Course Study

  • Building a Sleep Plan
  • Troubleshooting Common Sleep Issues
  • Self-Care and Boundaries
  • Pricing and Packaging
  • Marketing and Self-Promotion
  • Sales Process

Career Launch

  • Guided Practicum
  • Mentorship
  • Monthly Meet-ups
  • Graduation
  • Ongoing Business Coaching up to 12 months after graduation with an option to extend
Our training includes the most relevant, evidence-based, and emotionally supportive baby sleep strategies presented in a three-pillar approach. This approach covers the science of sleep, infant development, and key business-building strategies. The Baby’s Best Sleep training program offers valuable perspectives from Baby’s Best Sleep Founder Amanda Jewson and guest industry experts, including the following: 

Registered Nurse

Clinical Psychologist

Lactation Consultant

Business Coach

Equity + Diversity Lens

All these combined result in a holistic, compassionate, and effective sleep training program that works.

Our training program is worth it.

$4695 USD

Take a look at the key highlights of our program:

  • Exclusive and one-on-one access and mentorship from Baby’s Best Sleep founder Amanda Jewson for the first year of your sleep consultant career, including monthly check-in and bi-weekly group calls with your training cohort.
  • Learn the most recent research, including up-to-date, evidence-based, and emotionally supportive baby sleep strategies available (and what we absolutely do NOT use) at your own pace on our private BBS education portal.
  • Access to our library of templates, tools, workshop samples, and resources to start your business as soon as possible or as early as within three months of training!
  • Receive additional training on mental health, feeding, inclusive practice, and child development from field experts.
  • Have group support in our private Facebook group and in monthly mentoring sessions once you’ve completed the program.

Most graduates are profitable after only 12 clients. This means you’ll earn back your investment in just six months, whether you work full-time or part-time.

Want a sneak peek?

We have put together an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of a student consultant. Register today to download!

Hi there, I’m Amanda!

You’re interested in becoming a sleep consultant. I remember those days: the excitement and worry but mostly the thought, “I’d be good at this”. Since launching my business in 2017, I’ve learned so much more that I wish I had known before starting this work.  I put in the time and energy to create a world-class experience for my clients (check out our google reviews!), and now I’m offering that to YOU.
Amanda - Baby's Best Sleep

In order to ensure that my students get the best education they can, and to fill in the blanks I found after I finished my training, I called on top experts in the field to supplement what I’m not an expert in to not only add to the content of the course, but to provide private lessons to each individual cohort.

I’m a teacher first, which means the course is designed to be digestible (easy and everyday language), self-paced (for grown-ups with busy lives), and manageable (no long-form essays or cramming for tests. All assessments are designed to be practical and useful to your future business). When you’re done, you work with my team and me for the remaining ten months while we provide exceptional coaching, monthly professional development, and real practical support on website design, social media, marketing, and more.

You’re in the right place if you’re like me and want to provide families with gentle solutions that work for everybody. I’m obsessed with what I do and obsessed with what my graduates have already achieved.



See the incredible work our graduates are doing

What our new graduates have to say

A thing that drew me to the BBS program was the fact that after paying for the course, BBS does not take any percentage of your earnings once you become a consultant.  After doing some research on other companies that offer training, I found that a percentage of your earnings goes to that company.  But with the BBS program, all of the money you make is yours!

– Priya

The guest speakers that we had come in were amazing, they would join our meetings. We heard from lactation consultants, child therapists, psychologists. That was really informative and nice to speak to some long term experts in their fields which all relate to our field!

– Erin

She teaches deep respect for our client’s values and cultural traditions; this is what sets this course apart.

– Diana

It teaches you everything you need to know from the science of sleep, how to make a sleep plan, how to deal with different types of clients, how to deal with different types of problems, and how to market yourself. It teaches you everything. So if you’re on the fence, if you’ve been thinking about doing this program, just do it, I promise you will not regret it.

– Phoebe

Why Choose Baby’s Best Sleep?

Visible results.

Most babies working with Baby’s Best Sleep consultants sleep independently in as little as three days using gentle and evidence-based techniques.

Return on investment.

In three months or 12 clients, you’ll get back what you invested in your certification.

Limitless opportunity.

No additional fees, commissions, or obligations to work for us. Simply invest in your certification, join our optional mentoring program, and we’ll never ask for another payment from you. Ongoing mentoring is available if you want and need it – if not, you’re free to start your business as soon as you’re ready!


Baby’s Best Sleep is widely recognized and respected as a gentle and effective sleep training method.


Join a group of passionate, caring, and motivating women working to help fellow mothers and everyone around them.