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You deserve a purpose-driven career that compensates you well for the energy and care you devote to it, AND gives you the time you want to spend with your family and community.

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Join Amanda, for a Q&A session on August 9th. She will be answering all your questions and talking you through why she created the BBS certification program.

Create meaningful change for happier, healthier, less stressed families with more sleep.


Sleep Consultation Program begind September 2022

Why Choose Baby’s Best Sleep?

Results! Most babies in families who work with Baby’s Best Sleep consultants are sleeping on their own in three days.

Return on investment. Certification pays for itself in as little as three months (or 12 clients).

Limitless opportunity. No Fees, commissions or obligation to work for us – pay for the certification, join the mentoring program as an option, we’ll never ask for another payment from you. Ongoing Mentoring is available if you want it – or fly the nest and soar on your own if you don’t!

Branding. Baby’s Best Sleep is widely recognized and respected

Community! Join a group of passionate, caring and motivated women working to help those around them

Confidently and quickly launch an in-demand business. Learn the most up-to-date, evidence-based, and emotionally supportive baby sleep strategies.

The training includes my proven R-FACTOR strategies that took me from a side hustle to 6 figures in 5 years and a library of resources to start your business now (like within three months of training!)

You’ll also get exclusive one-on-one access and mentorship from me for the entire first year of your career – this is business coaching and acumen I had to bootstrap and outsource.

And remember!

As an independent Baby’s Best Sleep Consultant, you keep all your fees – no commission cuts!

Your Training Includes

The most up to date, evidence-based and emotionally supportive baby sleep strategies. Indispensable perspectives from both myself and guest experts:

Registered Nurse

Clinical Psychologist

Lactation Consultant

Business Coach

Equity + Diversity Lens

Meet Amanda

In 2017, I was a mom of two, a teacher and the spouse of someone who traveled frequently, for weeks at a time for work. I loved teaching, but between the commute and extra time it required, I knew something needed to change.

I was burnt out.

I was exhausted.

I needed something better.

I started my foray into sleep consulting to build a vacation fund, thinking a luxurious vacation would be the fix to my burnout. I built the business over the course of the summer and by September (my return to teaching)–I had to raise my prices to slow the demand of clients.

Within 5 months, I was able to hand in my resignation at my teaching job because I was making as much money part-time as a sleep consultant as I was teaching full time!