Baby Sleep Consultant Training

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I love the science-based approach that Amanda teaches. I was able to learn from experts in the field about the research and best practices as well as common misconceptions about sleep training. I now have the theoretical background to back my work. I loved that she places emphasis on the importance of honesty and transparency. The course is divided into three pillars that make it easy to follow as they all build on each other.

She teaches deep respect for our client’s values and cultural traditions; this is what sets this course apart.

– Diana

I came into this program knowing very little about sleep training and even less about how to open a sleep consultation business. I just knew that this is what I wanted to do after I experienced the life-changing effects of sleep training when I hired Amanda to help me sleep train my youngest, That is why I absolutely love this program. It teaches you everything you need to know from the science of sleep, how to make a sleep plan, how to deal with different types of clients, how to deal with different types of problems, how to market yourself. It teaches you everything. So if you’re on the fence, if you’ve been thinking about doing this program, just do it I promise you will not regret it.

– Phoebe