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Toddler & Preschooler
Sleep Consulting

Toddler and preschoolers can be challenging because they talk back and reason! We use these skills to our advantage to create programs that reinforce good behaviours, set boundaries and reward the hard work of the child. In the end, we have sleeping (confident!) children and rested parents!

Toronto Preschool Sleep Consultant

Do you need help…

  • Stopping your child from hopping out of his/her bed?

  • Helping your child understand where he/she sleeps?

  • Helping your child sleep through the night?

  • Speeding up the time it takes for your child to fall asleep?

  • Stopping the struggles of bedtime?

  • From a certified Toronto toddler sleep consulting expert?

Toronto Preschool and toddler Sleep Consultant

Virtual Support


19 months – 5 years

– Detailed sleep evaluation
– Sleep plan designed for your needs
– 1-hour consult on skype/facetime
– Night 1 text message support
– Daily online support through sleep tracker
– 4 support phone calls
– 2 weeks of daily text message support

Add $100 for twins

Bedtime Support

19 months – 5 years 

In-home consultation with assistance at bedtime from 6-9PM
– Sleep plan designed for your needs
– Sleep plan designed for your needs
-Nursery Assessment
– 1-hour consult in home
– Night 1 text message support
– Daily online support through sleep tracker
– 4 support phone calls
– 2 weeks of daily text message support

Add $100 for twins


DIY Sleep Courses

A budget friendly yet highly supportive option for all families. 

Click here for more information!

“What can I say about how amazing Amanda is….. If I could give her 10 stars I would!!! When I first told Amanda about my 4-year old’s habits I thought there was likely no helping us… We are all rested and happy and forever grateful.”

Dawn Alexander & Charlie

Cambridge, Ontario, 4-Year-Old

“I was not quite convinced a sleep consultant could help my toddler who was always a horrible sleeper. Less than two weeks later and Lucas is now sleeping in his “big boy bed”. I’m so happy to have my toddler back and that I’m able to enjoy my evenings again!

Catherine Monteiro and Roman

Toronto, Ontario, 2-Year-Old

“Amanda…YOU are so talented and your passion for sleep training shines through. I can’t believe we went from unintentional co-sleeping and around the clock wakings to evenings free with my husband and 12 hour sleep stretches in JUST 2 DAYS!  I am forever grateful.” Taylor Coelho and London

Kelowna, British Columbia

“Toddler and preschooler sleep support is about creating clear boundaries coupled with positive reinforcement of good behaviours!”

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