Introducing the Toddler Turnaround Program

Transform Your Client’s Toddler’s Sleep and Empower Your Practice: Become a Certified Toddler Turnaround Specialist and Unlock the Secrets to Toddler Sleep Success

Learn LIVE on May 15th at 1PM-4PM EST

As many of you know, at the BBS Conference this past October, I introduced the Toddler Turnaround Certification as part of the programming. The response was incredible, and I’m excited to officially launch the Toddler Turnaround Program for all professionals in the baby and toddler sleep industry.

Our comprehensive course provides an in-depth exploration of toddler sleep challenges and solutions, offering you the knowledge and tools needed to transform the sleep habits of even the most resistant toddlers.

What You’ll Gain from the Toddler Turnaround Program:

  • Toddler Sleep Expertise: Master the fundamentals of toddler sleep, learn about sleep regressions, and uncover effective strategies to help toddlers (and their parents) enjoy a restful night.
  • Exclusive Access to TT Materials: Receive a wealth of resources, my TT signature program guide and presentation to use with your clients
  • Group Coaching Ideas: Enhance your practice with expert advice on leading group coaching sessions, enabling you to support and empower parents in their journey towards better sleep.
  • Toddler Turnaround Certification Seal: Upon completion of the program, you’ll receive an official TT Certification Seal to showcase on your website, boosting your credibility and attracting clients seeking the best toddler sleep support.

Enroll in the Toddler Turnaround Program today and take the first step in becoming a certified expert in toddler sleep. Empower your practice and make a lasting impact on the lives of countless families struggling with their little ones’ sleep.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your skills and transform the sleep habits of toddlers in your care. Join the Toddler Turnaround Program today and start making a difference, one well-rested family at a time.