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What my clients say

Adrienne Cuch and Jonah

Amanda was just amazing! My 12 month old was waking 2-3 times a night and would be up for hours each wake-up, crying and none of us were getting any rest. I was nervous about hiring a consultant as I was worried I would be forced to just make him cry until he went to sleep. By the first day he was going to sleep on his own in the crib for naps, and it took 3 nights for him to drop all night wakings and sleep for nearly 12 hours. The plan was compassionate, easy to follow, and Amanda provided such fantastic support without me feeling like I was compromising the approach I take to parenting my boys. Texts were responded to very quickly and I ALWAYS felt like I had the support I needed. Her approach was flexible based on parenting styles and we worked through any issue that came up. I can’t say enough good things about her, highly recommended!!

Erin Graham and Lochlan

Do you know why sleep training is like a highschool break-up? Because once it’s over, you realize it should have happened long before it actually did, and you can’t believe you waited so long! Amanda came into my life through a mutual friend and immediately made me feel like I was not alone, that I haven’t messed it all up, and that fixing our sleep problems was really going to be possible. We worked together with my toddler, who had developed with me some pretty well established patterns of cuddling to sleep and coming into our room in the middle of the night…and staying there. He’s also my only child, and I know I have had a hard time saying no, wanting to avoid the pain of losing this little window of time when he wants to cuddle.

Amanda was my coach and cheerleader: she explained that this didn’t have to feel harsh for me or for my son. That we could do this gradually (in fact, that toddlers take longer than wee ones), and that we could still feel very connected at bedtime and throughout the day, while putting in place new habits that we’d all benefit from. And, I realized that the best thing for my son was to learn how to sleep well, and know that the boundaries we set were comforting for him.

We’re so happy with new routines, new habits. Bedtime is *honestly* delightful now, and the occasional wake-up due to being sick is easy to resolve.

Thanks so much Amanda!!

Laura Anderson and Parker

A couple of months ago I very desperately posted in a group asking for sleep help. I had a baby (now 10 months) that was still waking 4-7 times every single night and would only nurse to sleep, a 4 year old who is also not the best sleeper, and a husband who travels regularly, leaving me to be awake solo with the kids all night. Several people from the group recommend Amanda Jewson from Baby’s Best Sleep. Ironically I was too tired to actually reach out and book her, but two weeks ago I did. And she has changed my life. Within two days my baby was sleeping with fewer wake ups. By the end of the week, she was sleeping an 11 hour stretch. She no longer nurses to sleep or back to sleep, and my husband has been able to put her down for nap and bed for the first time in our 10 months together. I can’t recommend Amanda enough, for anyone else struggling with sleep and thinking baby will eventually figure it out on their own.

Janelle and Julien

Julien is in bed sleeping now. The night is still young and hubby and I are going to have a late dinner together outside on the patio; something unheard of 2 weeks ago!

We honestly cannot thank you enough for your brilliant coaching. We feel so enlightened and blessed having benefitted from your program. Our lives are forever changed.

Thanks so much from all three of us!

Stephanie Cote and Callie

Amanda has been a great support to me while nap training my 4 month old cat napper! It was so helpful to have someone to chat with regarding baby’s sleep, and get her on the right track towards taking longer naps. We have been given the tools for success, and we are enjoying watching our daughter succeed at sleeping better and better all the time! Thank you Amanda!

Jennifer Bryan and Remi

I started working with Amanda just before my little fella turned 10 weeks old. He was getting too heavy for me to bounce to sleep and I wanted to learn the best gentle techniques for getting little ones like him to fall asleep on his own.

I was pretty certain that even little babies can learn independent sleep and Amanda reinforced that idea. Newborns are super intelligent and just need practise soothing themselves to sleep. The best part of her newborn program is the text and phone support. Every time you second guess yourself, Amanda is there to offer suggestions and remind you that consistency is key.

Now, a few weeks later, he puts himself to sleep at night and for all naps. I’ve watched him self-sooth through sleep cycles on the monitor and it makes me so proud! It’s hard work, but so worth it. And I know he’s getting great sleep which is so important!

And I now have the confidence to deal with whatever baby sleep curveballs are thrown my way!

Thanks Amanda!

Rachel Cohen and Ari

Amanda was amazing. My child was waking up 2-4 times a night and daytimes were all over the place with unexpected cat naps and fussiness when I wanted him to be alert and engaged in programs. Within two days he was sleeping through the night starting at 7pm and was on a perfect daytime schedule that made sense for him and us. He now sleeps well and is happy when awake!

Stephanie King and Miller

We had a great experience with Amanda! We had a 1 year old who wasn’t sleeping through the night, and still nursing 1-3x per night. We also have a 3 year old and were feeling very sleep deprived, desperate and down about the sleep situation. Thanks to Amanda’s expertise, guidance and support we now have a 1 year old who sleeps through the night and no more night nursing! We have also successfully separated our son’s association between nursing and sleep, making it easier for other people to put him down. Amanda was very available to answer questions and brainstorm solutions. We would highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to sleep train their child, using what we felt was a very caring and supportive method.

Betsy Yu and Isaac

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to get the results that we did. Thanks to Amanda’s guidance, our baby sleeps through the night undisturbed. She is very patient, understanding and professional throughout the process. We can honestly say that Amanda’s critical in giving us the confidence to tackle our baby’s sleep problems. With her help, what seemed like a never ending problem was finally resolved.

Yvonne Monestier and Emilia

Where do I begin. We had read all the books, bought all the latest baby gear, joined all the ‘baby and me’ groups and still NOTHING could prepare us for sleep deprivation. Following 6 months of barely any sleep and nursing our post-colicky baby to sleep every 1-2 hours at night had began to take a major toll on our family; physically, emotionally and mentally. Something had to give and we decided it was time to hire an expert. Enter Amanda…or who I like to call, our MIRACLE WORKER. I vividly remember emailing Amanda (in tears) the day before asking if she had ever encountered a baby that was ‘untrainable’ because I was 101% that our sweet baby girl would easily break the mould. I had lost all sense of hope. From the very beginning Amanda had reassured us that we had nothing to worry about as long as we stayed committed to the process. She was right!

In a few short days, baby Emilia went from only napping in the stroller/car to peacefully napping in her crib and sleeping 11-12 hours at night! Amanda’s expert advice and customized program made us feel at ease during the process and her positive energy gave us the strength to continue forward. Since we’ve completed our program, our sweet baby girl is so much happier and that in itself is worth all the effort.

If you’re a parent reading this trying to decide whether or not to sleep train because you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, I assure you; I’ve been there! It will get better and you will sleep again. I can’t recommend Amanda enough and I can honestly say that working together was the best thing we’ve ever done for our family. THANK YOU Amanda!!!

Casey Gardner and Rylie

Amanda made the whole process painless. I was so nervous to sleep train and Amanda sent me articles (one study published by Harvard), ahead of time showing how sleep training doesn’t effect baby long term or short term stress levels and/or bond with mommy and daddy, which was extremely comforting to me.

Once we signed on, the two weeks of unlimited texting was so helpful and a constant comfort to make sure we were doing everything right. Can’t say enough good things about Amanda. We are soo happy to be sleeping again. Our daughter gets a solid 12 hrs each night and naps like a champ now.

Rizmina Samarasekera and Alena

Alena was just over 5 months old when I contacted Amanda. I was a very desperate mommy at this point. Her naps were 15 to 20 mins long during the day and she would be up at night every few hrs. Amanda was my life saver! she helped me so much and I am ever so grateful to her. Because of her program my daughter is sleeping through the night and her naps are amazing during the day ( each nap is 1hr or more). I would recommend her to any mom who is in need. She is the baby whisperer. Thanks again Amanda!!!

Renata Donegani and Braylon

When I frantically called Amanda I was frazzled and exhausted and desperately in need of help getting sleep back on track – it was not an option for me to continue to have so much sleep disruption on top of suffering from Post Partum Depression. Amanda listened to me and did not make me feel bad/wrong for any errors I had made in the past – she made a plan that worked with our family’s set-up and helped me troubleshoot along the way. Her strategies worked in two nights for us and her support during our two weeks together was invaluable. We went from multiple night wakings (and night nursing) to a baby who slept through the night in two days!

Viannie Lee and CJ

As a first time mom, the excitement and anxiety involved when caring for a baby were/are competing for first place. I had my own ideas about sleep, specifically that I could maintain the “not in my bed” strategy once baby CJ came along. I thought it would be easy, I learned what not to do from my friends and was adamant that I would not repeat their mistakes….ahhhhmmmmmm YEAH-RIGHT! Once this precious baby came along, I didn’t want to leave him alone, I wanted to make sure he didn’t feel cold and scared in this big crazy world. Crazy I know, but that was and still is my rationale. Skin to skin was the way to go, keep him close and warm feeling safe and secure and most of all fed and full, if he’s hungry I will nurse no matter the time of day or night. I loved every minute of it as much as he depends on it. But I have to go back to work, I have to go back to work, I have to go back to work….who the heck is going to be able to fill these gaps and put up with his mom dependant routine…sleeping whenever and nursing whenever. It’s impossible! As soon as the 10 month mark hit, I started to tell myself that in order for CJ to adjust to me going back to work I have to do everything I can in advance to help him feel safe and secure when I’m not around and that includes putting himself to sleep and not depending on nursing to soothe. I need to get him to a level of independence that will help him cope with the pending separation that is about to take place. I feel so sad every time I think about it but feel proud that I made some strategic decisions for my son and for our family that will benefit us in the long run….SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP, Amanda to the rescue. I googled sleep training and Baby’s Best Sleep was the first hit, not wanting to waste anytime I decided to reach out to Amanda and she responded right away and we had a phone consult soon after. I was hesitant but I also follow the notion that I’ll try anything once  and you get what you pay for. Hands down, I made the right decision. The whole process requires an open mind, patience and a healthy dose of trust. Following Amanda’s plan that was tailored for CJ worked, it worked in a matter of days. Not only was he off of the night feeds, he was sleeping through the night!!!! Mission accomplished, my precious son had met a milestone, a major one, before I head back to work which means that I get some time in the evenings for myself to mentally recoup and prepare and also get some time with my husband – THAAAAANK YOU AMANDA! Everyone is my house is sleeping through the night! Nite! 

Balbina R and Gio

Amanda is just AMAZING! I reached out to her when my LO turned 6 months. I was tired, exhausted and needed my sleep back. I tried sleep training him at 4.5 months using the Ferber method, it took about 2 weeks for me to see some improvement. But somewhere between 5.5 and 6 months things changed for the worst. During the day he would take 3 naps, usually lasting about 30 min. Then at night, I would do the same routine, put him down and 1 hour later he woke up screaming. I would then pick him up nurse him back to sleep and he slept, UNTIL his pacifier fell out. Sometimes putting it back wouldn’t even solve the problem, or the damn silicone thing would get stuck in between the wall and crib and by the time I retrieved it the little guy was up and wouldn’t go back to sleep for 2hours!!!!!or if he did go back to sleep he would wake up pretty much every hour until 5am when I just couldn’t take it anymore and brought him to my bed and we would sleep for 2 hours. This whole nightmare ended when I started working with Amanda. She was easy to talk to, clear about her expectations and plan that had to be followed. She was supportive and thanks to her we ALL SLEEP!!! I even have to wake him up sometimes. His naps are lengthy (1-2h) and sleeps through the night (which I couldn’t even think HOW that would EVER be possible). I now have time for myself and both baby and I are happy, happy, happy. I couldn’t have done it without Amanda. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

Christy Smith & Jaxon
Stoney Creek, Ontario

I had a family who was unsupportive of sleep training, a baby who clearly didn’t want to be sleep trained, and a fistful of hair from all the stress that was happening because my baby wouldn’t sleep. My 8-month old (now 9 months) wouldn’t nap for the life of him. He loved to comfort suck, loved co-napping, and he was waking at night from 1-3 times. This was making me a very grumpy mama. I had enough and took to searching for some sleep help.

I’m SO thankful I stumbled upon Amanda’s page. She had amazing reviews so I decided to give her a call. From the moment I spoke with her, I knew I wanted to work with her! She was super motivating, knowledgeable, caring, understanding, and supportive! I couldn’t have sleep trained my son without her! Now my son is sleeping 12+hours at night with no interruptions, alongside 2 1-2 hour naps throughout the day!! I’m amazed!

Susie Ruiz & Joel
Toronto, Ontario

I’ve always read comments from parents who completed sleep training programs and I was always thinking, “I wish that was me!” When I came across a workshop on FB that Amanda was hosting, I knew I had to check it out. I met Amanda and heard what she was sharing and I immediately booked my appointment to have her come to our house to assist us with our 7-month-old son.

From the beginning, Amanda was professional, supportive, encouraging, caring and loving towards our son and family. I was a mother who was sliding back to my postpartum depression and it was Amanda who saved me. These are not just compliments, these are words from a mom (and dad) who feel like they have been given their lives back. My son Joel is a proud “graduate” of Amanda’s program and I cannot thank her enough for what she did for my family! Tonight, I became one of those parents I always read about on those sleep websites! Thank you, Amanda! God bless!

Lorraine C.
Toronto, Ontario

When our little one began waking every 1.5 hours through the night, we knew we had to change something about his (and our) sleep habits. We had tried a sleep learning program with our first born with much success, but when we tried the same techniques with our second baby at 6.5 months old, he did not respond in the same way. We were at a loss and knew we needed help to get our baby the sleep he so desperately needed. Enter Amanda. She impressed us with her professionalism, organization, flexibility, expertise, and empathy right from the start. She coached and encouraged me through the process until my baby slept through the night. Without her, I would have given up (and in fact, I did give up previously when I tried sleep training on my own). She reassured me and helped me persist. She answered all of my many questions immediately and worked to fine-tune our sleep plan so that it is tailored to my baby’s and family’s needs.

I am very glad that we sought her help. Now our whole family sleeps better! If you are thinking of getting help to teach your child how to sleep, Amanda will be an indispensable resource. You will not regret it for a moment! Thank you, Amanda!

Xhovana & Evangeline
Toronto, Ontario

I cannot say enough about Amanda. She is simply the best and knows exactly what she’s doing. When we contacted her about our 8-month-old daughter we were waking up 5-6 times a night and struggling with 30 minutes naps which took longer to get her down for. Amanda listened and ensured all her suggestions were tailored to our needs. My daughter was sleeping through the night by day 3! Naps were a bit harder to fix but Amanda relentlessly worked with us until we had our ideal schedule. If you’re on this page you know you need the help and Amanda is the best.

Sarah Rodd, Lucas, and Jesse
Toronto, Ontario

Once my 2-year-old started climbing out of the crib and not falling asleep until 11 pm our days were long and both of our patience ran thin. Our relationship and his developmental growth suffered from his lack of sleep. Every day was a giant tantrum, all day long.  

I hired Amanda on a desperate whim. I was not quite convinced a sleep consultant could help my toddler who was always a horrible sleeper. Less than two weeks later and Lucas is now sleeping in his “big boy bed”. He doesn’t get up through the night, he puts himself to sleep and he is HAPPY and COOPERATIVE when he wakes up and throughout the day. We tackled my 1 yo’s sleep at the same time and he now also puts himself to sleep with no props, has predictable naps and sleeps a solid 12 hours at night.

I am beyond impressed with Amanda and the services and support she provided my family with. We had some funny hiccups along the way (my youngest apparently enjoys the taste of my Starbucks) but Amanda was never worried or thrown off track. I’m so happy to have my toddler back and that I’m able to enjoy my evenings again! Thank you, Amanda!!!

Daniella Martin and Miles
Erin, Ontario

Earlier this year, our family move into a new house when our son was 4 months old. Our baby who was once a somewhat good sleeper began refusing to sleep in his crib. Desperate to get him to sleep again, we brought him into our bed. Something I never wanted to do but it was the only thing that worked until it didn’t. Not only did I have to go to bed at the same time as him, he started waking through the night to nurse frequently. I felt like a prisoner in our own bedroom. It seemed like I was the only one that could get him to sleep as I not only had to nurse him to sleep, I also had to rock him to sleep then lay next to him. I kept telling myself he’d sort himself out and sleep the night but 5 months had passed and it seemed like it was only getting worse.

At 9 months old, we decided that we needed help. I emailed Amanda after getting her card from my doctor’s office and it was the best decision I ever made. Within days, she had our soon sleeping 12 hours through the night with no more night feedings and no more soothers. He now goes to sleep on his own for both naps and night time. I simply follow a consistent routine, put him into his sleep sack, then into his crib awake and leave the room and he puts himself to sleep. It’s the best thing, EVER. I feel like a new person and now my husband and I have time back to ourselves. My only regret is that we didn’t contact Amanda sooner. She’s helped us teach him independent sleep skills and how to self-soothe. She also helped us sort out our son’s feedings which made him a better eater. I cannot say enough good things about her or her approach. She was always there for support and was incredibly knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who’s struggling with sleep! It will be well worth the investment. We are forever in your debt, Amanda!

Amanda Welschlau and Dax
Vancouver, BC

I cannot say enough about the life-changing magic that came from working with Amanda. My husband and I were beyond exhausted after our “relatively good sleeper” hit the 4-month regression and never bounced back, and then at 6 months began waking every hour. After two weeks of hanging on by a thread, we had a 15-minute consult with Amanda and began our sleeping training journey 3 days later. To survive the rough nights, our son became dependent on falling asleep by being rocked or nursed and didn’t have the tools to fall asleep (or stay asleep) on his own.

The first couple nights were rough, our 6.5-month-old son (at the time) really put up a fight – he is a resilient little boy. However, by the third night, he slept 10 hours straight! Within the first week, we were consistently getting 10-11 hr nights (with no wake ups) and even getting some solid naps. Our son was catching up on being sleep deprived for weeks and I don’t know if it was finally getting a good nights sleep or coincidence, but within these two weeks, he began hitting all of his milestones. He started rolling both ways, sitting on his own, cut two teeth and eating solids 3x a day. It was like we had a brand new baby after two weeks!

Our sleep training experience was a bit unique in that we didn’t see a perfect schedule after a few days, we were still getting 4 am wake-ups throughout the two weeks. This is where working with Amanda was so valuable. She stuck with us, even past the two-week mark, to ensure we solved this early wake-up problem. She consulted with others in the sleep consultant community and suggested Plan A, B, C, D until we found something that worked. She was exceptionally positive and optimistic – even when I felt a little hopeless. She was reassuring, caring and empathetic with our feelings and concerns. Also, she is so responsive to emails and was constantly checking in. Also to all the west-coasters, it is a huge benefit having the time change because when are dealing with issues first thing in the mornings – she is up! I feel like Amanda became my best friend, coach, cheerleader, and sleep consultant all at once during those weeks. We invest so much money into our kids whether it be on diapers, toys, baby classes, clothes, food, etc. WHY NOT invest in one of the MOST important things for you, your baby, and the relationship with your partner that will last years – SLEEP. Its amazing how much happier of a mom or dad you can be when you have a good nights rest.

A month later, we just got home from vacation and had an amazing baby while away – our son slept 12 hrs a night plus had 2 – 2 hr naps each day. He is adjusting well to being back home (despite the three hour time change) and as parents, we have the tools to get him back into his routine. Sleep training was the best decision we have made as parents so far. We have the happiest, well-rested, 7.5-month-old baby who can fall asleep on his own and stay asleep! As Amanda says – sleeping babies are just cuter – and we couldn’t agree more! Thank you, Amanda!

Catherine Monteiro and Roman
Toronto, Ontario

We cannot thank Amanda enough for all of her knowledge, assistance, and dedication to getting our 8 month to sleep through the night and to take longer naps than ever before. Our son was having a hard time connecting sleep cycles, which meant hideously short naps throughout the day and a very cranky little man overall. Within just two short days of working with Amanda, his naps had improved exponentially.

Working on improving our child’s sleep has been a complete game changer in our lives.

If you have any hesitation at all with regard to sleep training or working with Amanda, please rest assured that it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for yourselves and your child.

Dawn Alexander and Charlie
Cambridge, Ontario

Oh my goodness, what can I say about how amazing Amanda is….. If I could give her 10 stars I would!!! When I first told Amanda about my 4-year old’s habits (which were admittedly mostly due to mine and my husband’s laziness) I thought there was likely no helping us… Amanda’s recommendations were structured and tough but once we put our minds to it they were very easily implemented. Our daughter was able to understand what the plan was and was included every step of the way. She took responsibility almost immediately and within 10 nights we had a little girl that went to sleep totally on her own and most importantly stayed in her own bed the entire night. We are all rested and happy and forever grateful to Amanda and Baby’s Best Sleep.

Liz Payne and Remy
Toronto, Ontario

My husband and I did a method of sleep training on our own with our first child who is now 2.5 years old. It worked fabulously for him, but I could not get it to work with my new 4-month-old. We thought we knew what we were doing, but it wasn’t working. Our little dude kept winning the sleep battle!

The sleep deprivation that my husband and I were experiencing was unreal. We couldn’t function or even think straight. We were up all night (every half hour at it’s worst) and our babe could not sleep on his back due to congestion issues since the early months. This led to unintentional co-sleeping and left us with a baby that could only sleep propped up in the crook of my husband’s arm or on me while I was swaying standing up. All of these crutches started to fail along with stroller and car naps. We just could not get him to sleep more than 20 minutes at a time unless he was in a carrier. Long story short, we were at our wit’s end. We were also constantly getting sick and could not recover because of the lack of sleep. Then I found Amanda’s card at my doctor’s office and took this as a clear sign to get in touch with her. When I called for the free consultation, she provided such a sense of relief that my situation was not a unique one and that it was definitely a manageable one. After the conversation I had with Amanda, I felt confident that she could help. By the second day of following her program, our little guy was sleeping in his crib alone (through the night) and on his back which we thought he would never be able to do. We were amazed! The strategies and routine for naps take consistency and hard work, but they definitely paid off. We are now proud to say that we have a baby who sleeps at night and naps in his bed. Clearing your agenda for a week to get your baby’s sleep in order was so worth it.

I HIGHLY recommend Amanda’s services. She is very professional and you can tell that she has a sincere passion for her job. She was with us every step of the way and answered all questions promptly and assured this anxious mama that all would fall into place soon. This was a life changer. Do it!!

Cassandra Cairo and Isabella
King City, Ontario

Words cannot begin to describe the difference Amanda has made in our lives, but here it goes!

My 4-month-old went from being rocked/bounced/nursed to sleep with a pacifier (and only sleeping for 40min stretches I might add) to independently sleeping 12hours STRAIGHT within a matter of days! I went from being a SUPER sleep deprived mama to a mama who can now be fully present with her little one 🙂 I was extremely nervous about sleep training (and the crying that goes along with it), but was able to get through it with Amanda’s continuous support.

It was by pure happenstance that I stumbled across Amanda’s live stream on a mommy group as I was planning on starting sleep training on that Friday. I inquired and she responded super quickly and we began sleep training that Friday! She was so professional, supportive, and responded to the many, I repeat MANY, questions I had!

Looking back, I would not have done it any other way. I have already recommended Baby’s Best Sleep to all of my friends and will continue to shout my praises from the rooftop any chance I get!

THANK YOU so much for allowing us all to get more sleep and be our best selves. I will be forever grateful!

Iva Chivotti and Charlotte
Toronto, Ontario

Our 7 month old started going through her 3 to 2 nap transition pretty early and we couldn’t figure out proper timing to save our lives! With her transition came naps that were short, all over the place or both. We would bounce from 2 naps one day, to 3 naps the other. Along with her terrible naps, she began waking at night and waking VERY early in the mornings. After just one week of working with Amanda, our daughter was taking 2 solid naps per day and sleeping 12 hours uninterrupted at night!

What I found most useful was that Amanda shared a sleep tracker with me. I tracked whenever I would put out baby down, how long it would take her to fall asleep, when she woke, etc. Amanda was also very quick to answer any and all questions/emails. 

If you are considering hiring a sleep consultant, I strongly recommend Amanda. I feel confident and relaxed thinking about the next nap transition as I know Amanda is only a phone call away!

Shivani Kumar-Chohan and Samaya
Brampton, Ontario

So I thought I would share my experience with Amanda Jewson from Baby’s Best Sleep- my 8-month-old was waking up every 45-1hr throughout the night and would only fall back asleep if I nursed her. She would also sleep on my chest and/in my bed. At 8 months I seriously was losing my mind and walking around as a “functioning zombie”.

I came across a post where Amanda had offered a free 15 min consultation and I took it (as fast as I could lol), anyways, fast forward to a 2 weeks game plan for my little one, and she is now sleeping 10hrs a night…and in her CRIB! Literally has changed my life. I have a routine set up for her, which I stay consistent with, she’s in bed by 7-7:30 pm and wakes up between 5-6am.

At first, the naps were a struggle, she would only nap for 20-30 mins but even the naps are at 1.5-2hrs long. Amanda was so patient with me. She offered her support in a very timely manner. I never felt anxiety or left to my own. She made this process as seamless as possible. There were times (the first 3 days) where I cried and wanted to give in but she assured me that with consistency my baby will eventually learn to sleep.

To all the sleepless mamas I encourage you to try her out! Here’s a picture of my little one SLEEPING in her room. ????????

Cherise Carey and Avery
Toronto, Ontario

I was reluctant to sleep train because of all the excuses in books and the life changes that were coming our way. My husband insisted that we get started and we got in touch with Amanda right away. Amanda has been supportive, understanding and accommodating. Sleep training went extremely well and our son Avery has been a champ. Since sleep training, my husband and I have time back in our lives to talk, eat dinner together and get things done around the house. Simple changes and what an amazing outcome. Not only does Avery sleep better at night, he also naps in his crib! I thought all of this was impossible but we did it. Thank you, Amanda, for your support during the sleep training process and your continued support as we take on our life changes.

Julie Ramkerrysingh and Aydin
Oakville, Ontario

After 3 months of struggling to get our son to sleep in the bassinet, we brought him into our bed desperate for a decent nights sleep. This only exacerbated the problem. He began nursing through the night in order to sleep. We finally had enough and started researching sleep consultants.

Amanda responded to my email right away and was very professional. She was empathetic and clearly had experience with situations similar to ours. She prepared a clear and concise plan based on our family’s specific sleep needs and she inspired confidence in us to see the plan through.

After 2 nights of Amanda’s support my son was sleeping 12 hours and waking only once for a feed. He now naps for long periods in the day in his crib. He is a happier and more relaxed baby now that he is getting the sleep that he requires. Now my evenings are free to spend time with my older son and my husband. Moreover, Amanda has provided us with the skills to manage any sleep challenge that may arise as our son goes through developmental changes.

We are truly grateful to Amanda for her work with our family!

Vanessa, Matthew, and Kaya Anderson
Toronto, Ontario

As parents who enjoyed co-sleeping with our daughter from birth, it became increasingly difficult to get a full night’s sleep as our baby grew older. We read several books on sleep training, but never knew which program to follow or when and how to start. Around 5 1/2 months, we experienced an arduous night and out of desperation, searched for a sleep consultant.

After our initial consultation with Amanda, we felt optimistic and confident in her approach and her program. She was empathetic towards our situation and was eager and excited to help our family sleep through the night. Moreover, working with Amanda gave us the accountability we needed to commit to a sleep training program.

During sleep training, Amanda was quick to respond to our questions via text and email and prompt for all follow-up calls. When we experienced emotional challenges, Amanda was genuinely empathetic and patient. Furthermore, she tweaked our program in order to continue with training in a manner that was comfortable for us.

As a result, within 3 days our baby was sleeping 11 hours a night in her own bedroom without any night feedings! An unexpected outcome of all the rest she was now getting was a dramatic acceleration of physical development (in one week, she began rolling over in both directions, learned to push up on all fours and started making her first attempts to crawl). It has been one month since we started training and our daughter continues to sleep 11 hours a night and we have been enjoying our evenings together, but moreso our full nights of sleep!

We are grateful to have worked with Amanda as the value she provided to our family has been immeasurable.

Nilima Menon, Nihar Bhatt, and Rohan
Toronto, Ontario

After almost 8 months of terrible sleep and failed attempts at sleep training by ourselves we finally decided to hire a sleep consultant. This was the BEST decision we made! Our little one woke several times a night and needed to be nursed or rocked to sleep. We were exhausted and stressed! With Amanda’s help, we were able to teach him to self soothe and he started sleeping without our assistance by Day 3! He now goes down for naps and bedtime easily! We had read many sleep books and knew all the theory but having Amanda there to guide, reassure and keep us on track was key! She gave us real time help with our specific situation and to meet the needs of our baby. She was wonderful and very professional. We couldn’t have done it without her!!!

Taylor Coelho and London 
Kelowna, British Columbia

Amanda…YOU are so talented and your passion for sleep training shines through. You’ve felt like a girlfriend who’s just giving advice. I can’t believe we went from unintentional co-sleeping and around the clock wakings to evenings free with my husband and 12-hour sleep stretches in JUST 2 DAYS!  I have recommended you to so many people! I am so happy that I found you!!!!!! THANK YOU. You gave us our life back. Seriously mat leave has been soooo much more enjoyable. I am forever grateful. 

Kim Marshall and Harper
Toronto, Ontario

Exactly at the moment I was falling apart, Amanda began promoting her new business and the timing was perfect. We got started right away and although during that initial phone meeting I know I sounded defeated and skeptical, I knew I had nothing to lose. The short story is that in 3 days Harper went from co-sleeping and nursing through the night to falling asleep from awake in her own crib and sleeping 11 hours straight. The whole process took a full 2 weeks and required us to clear our calendar so we could be home as much as possible. If you are reading this and you are a parent, you may be relating to parts of this and nodding your head. If you aren’t yet a parent, you may be totally confused. Baby sleep sounds so simple but there is so much more to it than I ever expected. I wish I had read more before starting my family because goodness knows I do not have time to read books now! So, yes I did need the help of a sleep consultant for each of my children because the emotional support and reassurance are incredibly valuable. 

Sara Guerin and Julie
Stratford, Canada

As an older first-time mom (37 when my daughter was born) I worried a lot before her arrival about how I would cope with the lack of sleep I was anticipating – 37 isn’t old, but it isn’t exactly a spring chicken either!  I began talking “sleep” with Amanda before my daughter Julie was born and I am really glad I did.  Amanda was so supportive, emphasized the important sleep habits I needed to start right away. and that a good foundation would make things easier later on.  Doing the little things that Amanda recommended (like putting Julie in her bassinet while she was still awake, and letting her spend time there during the day to get used to it) made me feel like I was taking small steps towards a positive routine for the future.  Fast forward 11 weeks and Julie is a happy healthy little girl.  She goes to sleep easily by 7pm, wakes only once through the night for a feeding, and is happy in her crib until after 7am most days.  All this means that my husband and I have been able to get the sleep we need and therefore enjoy our daughter’s infancy.  In a world where we so often run to the internet for advice, I can’t stress enough how wonderful it has been to have a real person, with children of her own, who is educated in baby sleep patterns and programs, to support and guide us through this period.  Amanda is totally open for questions and all about finding the solutions that work for you and your baby (with no guilt attached – ever!).  I would recommend Amanda to any new parents looking to lay a strong and successful sleep foundation with their newborn.

Lori Dowling, Logan & Harrison
Toronto, Canada

Amanda’s skills and techniques have helped my twins tremendously.

She took the time to hear our concerns and issues and created a plan that was tailored to us, which was important with twins.

She is realistic in her approach and helps to make the experience a success.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good night’s sleep again.