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A practical, real-talk, and humorous take on baby and child sleep.
With Amanda Jewson

Episode 5: Taking The Crap Out of Your Naps

Amanda is back and here to share with you all about how to completely transform your nap time! If you can barely make it through an episode of The Slumber Party without hearing your little one waking up--this is your episode. Want to do more reading on naps? Check out...

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Episode 4: How Not To Be Awake at 5AM AKA Early Mornings SUCK

Amanda gives you the inside scoop on how to battle those pesky early mornings! Desperate to sleep in past 5 am? This one's for you. Bringing her real-life experience and as many tips and tricks, as 20 minutes will allow, Amanda is here to help you make mornings as...

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Episode 3: Sibling Room Sharing (the kind where everyone actually sleeps)

Amanda talks all about how to tackle room sharing in a way that means all kids (and parents) involved get the best sleep possible!

If you’re staring a room-sharing nightmare in the face–this is your episode.

She goes into detail about the strategy she uses with her own kids, who have been successfully sharing a room for years!

A room sharing guide is coming your way at the end of this month if you’re a Baby’s Best Reader!

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Episode 1: Teaser and welcome!

Amanda invites YOU to her slumber party…except unlike the ones you attended in the ’90s, this is a slumber party that actually includes sleep, for you, your children and the entire family!

Each week Amanda will focus on a listener question or a unique guest that helps parents navigate their common sleep concerns for their babies and children.

Amanda is a certified infant and child sleep specialist bringing her humorous, real and unique brand of sleep advice for the modern, busy, and active mom.

Bring your popcorn, your ponytail and your pillow!

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