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Do Any of These Sound Like You Right Now?

✔️ You know when you have a baby sleep question and don’t need a whole package or a big production?
You know when you’ve read EVERY SINGLE BABY BLOG (and they’re like really great but the answers aren’t working for YOUR baby?)
You know when it’s 3 AM and you’re awake and you want to know that at least ONE other mom is awake with you (but like..hopefully not for long because you’re in the best, most supportive, most bad-ass community on the internet?)?
You know when they say–it takes the village? (And you’re screaming “WHERE THE F*&K IS MY VILLAGE?!”)

Err… Hello? Can we come in?

It’s your village knocking, because we’ve finally put together something to fit just that need. 

I welcome you to…


It’s a spot to… 

  • Come and get your questions answered by certified consultants Mon-Sat and the BBS will answer in our private Facebook Group! No more guesswork and trial of error (while living in fear that your child will need therapy one day).
  • Attend LIVE members-only monthly ZOOM with Amanda Jewson. (Permission to throw Coco Melon on repeat and give yourself a break)
  • Have access to members-only monthly resources. Think clear and easy guides that make life easy (especially when you’re running on 3 hours of sleep). 
  • Be budget conscious. A lower inclusive price point that will fit any budget at $53/month                             (You spent more on that fancy sleep sack Susan told you about that didn’t help AT ALL).
  • Come and go as you choose–no commitment! (Maybe after a couple of weeks you’ve fixed what’s driving you crazy about your kids sleep, we’d love that!)
  • Be in a space that could ease your mind on a rough day (Like the REALLY rough days…the kind where only a large fry and a cry on the bathroom floor seems to help. We feel that and there’s no judgement here).




Basically, we’ll be friends like the Golden Girls except younger (and I shot-gun the Betty White role if that’s all the same to you. thx)


We can’t tell you how to sleep train in a FB post (and honestly, you won’t get the results you want either and it’s just plain irresponsible on our part!) but we’ll be answering anything on naps, early mornings, night wakings, wake windows, travel, schedules, feeding tips and literally everything else! This group is best suited for those who just want to check in to make sure they’re on the right track or want to tie up the loose ends in their own personal sleep work. Topics like: helping your child fall asleep on their own independently, feeding over night, weaning, quantity of night feeds etc require a personalized approach with an expert to get it rightDon’t worry–group coaching and working with a consultant are always available!

The Slumber Party Community


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