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Sleep Consultant for Babies in Ontario 



“My Naps are CRAP” 1 Hour Live Masterclass on Perfecting Naps



After so much demand I’ll be offering the nap masterclass of your dreams (PUN INTENDED!!!)

Register HERE for my  1-hour online masterclass that will discuss: 

  • Naps for ages 4-24 months
  • Wake windows vs. fixed schedules
  • Feeding
  • Actual nap programs
  • All registrants will leave with a hand out and ability to develop their own nap program to implement the next day!
  • ONLY $29CDN!

As a baby sleep consultant in Ontario, Toronto, Canada, and all over the world, Amanda often offers sleep workshops to help tired moms and dads get answers to baby sleep questions. Contact Amanda today for information about sleep workshops or sleep consulting.


Baby Sleep Consulting in Ontario