Red Deer Baby Sleep Consultant

Baby Sleep Expert in Red Deer

One of the most frustrating experiences for many parents, new and experienced alike, is facing bedtime and the challenges it can bring. Even if you’ve tried all of the tricks you can think of, some nights your baby simply will not go to sleep. If this sounds like you, our Baby’s Best Sleep Certified Sleep Consultants of Red Deer are here to help.

Baby Sleep Habits

While it may seem like your child simply does not want to sleep, they actually do want to and need to sleep for proper growth support and wellbeing. Many babies do not immediately have the skills they need to help them fall asleep easily and need some support in developing proper sleep hygiene. Our sleep coaches are trained in proven sleep methods and techniques that will help your child fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Sleep Services for Baby in Red Deer

Our team of sleep experts at Baby’s Best Sleep has developed a variety of offerings for children ranging in age from birth to five years old. We know that every new phase of development brings about new challenges and have designed our packages with the knowledge and research to target each child’s needs. Your personal sleep coach will provide you with tools, techniques, methods, and more to help your baby develop healthy sleeping habits that will stick with them for a lifetime.

Newborn’s Best Sleep Package

We love helping parents start their baby off on the right foot which is why we designed our newborn sleep package for infants from birth to 16 weeks old. Your personal sleep coach will help you teach your newborn proper sleep habits from the very beginning. This package includes a detailed sleep evaluation, a personal consultation with your Certified Sleep Consultant, and support via phone as you implement your custom sleep plan.

Infant’s Best Sleep Package

Children between the ages of four months and two years face their own unique set of sleep challenges. That is why we designed our infant sleep package specifically with these ages in mind. When you select this package, you will be paired with an infant sleep specialist who will perform a sleep evaluation to understand the issues you and your family are facing. From there, you will receive a personal consultation to answer any questions you may have on your child’s sleep plan, and ongoing support via text message, phone calls, and our online sleep tracker.

If you are facing a unique sleep situation, we also offer in-home consultations with your sleep coach. You can select from half-night or full-night options where your sleep coach will come to your home, perform a nursery assessment, and provide hands-on assistance with bedtime.

Toddler & Preschooler Best Sleep Package

Our sleep experts at Baby’s Best Sleep often see common issues like sleep regression in older children, even after proper sleep habits have been established. If your child is experiencing an interruption to their sleep schedule, consider our toddler and preschool package, designed for children from 19 months through five years of age. Like our other packages, this one includes a full sleep evaluation and personal consultation, along with ongoing support as parents learn how to set boundaries around bedtime and use positive reinforcement to encourage positive behaviors.

Bria MacCallum – Red Deer, Alberta Certified Sleep Consultant

Bria is our Certified Sleep Consultant currently serving our Red Deer families. She became a sleep coach because she believes all parents and caregivers deserve to wake up every morning feeling the best they can feel. 

Bria is passionate about providing a helping hand and support to all the parents out there that feel like they are struggling because she has been in their shoes. As a loving parent to her daughter, Bria knows firsthand the frustrations parents face and is ready to pass on the tools, resources, and confidence all parents need to make bedtime stress-free.

Want to learn more about how to achieve your baby’s best night’s sleep? Schedule a free discovery call today to learn more about how Baby’s Best Sleep can help.