| Getting Started | Preschool + Toddler

Hi there!
I’m excited to start and helping your family find rest.
Please use the following guide to get ready for our consultation.

Night 1 Preparation

Here are some essential things you’ll need to do on the day we start together to ensure success for our night 1!

  • If napping, try not to skip the nap today, and ensure the nap doesn’t go past 3 PM.
  • Try to get rest yourself!
  • Think about easy/ takeout dinner/ delivery if possible (who knows if you’ll have time to cook). Make it easy on yourself!
  • You should prepare to go to bed early as sleep don’t know how many times baby will wake up and a rested mama and papa can deal with wakes better 🙂


Things to do/obtain before our consultation

  • Purchase an OK to Wake Clock. I highly recommend the Hatch Baby Rest-it’s incredible!
  • Blackout curtains/garbage bags for the window (Gro blinds (or the Amazon knock off) are good too and garbage bags if baby can’t reach and touch them)
  • Remove bed toys/ toys from the room other than stuffed animals
  • Purchase a set of small rewards (like stickers for a sticker chart) and more significant rewards for staying in bed overnight (chocolate, dollar store toys)
  • Make sure everyone’s cell phones are charged (for communication during the process)
We’ll be working towards helping your child feel confident and secure heading to bed but these reads are great supplements to the work we’re doing and can complement our work together!
Click the photo to go to the Amazon link