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Baby Sleep Help in Oakville

Is your baby or toddler having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Does rocking, bouncing, and lullabies not working? Are you considering bed-sharing to get a few hours of sleep? If so, we encourage you to try one more thing to help your baby get better sleep. Talk to the Oakville Certified Sleep Consultant with Baby’s Best Sleep.

You and Your Baby Want to Sleep

Your baby or toddler may not appear to want to sleep, but that is not true. Your child needs a little help in developing healthy sleep behaviors and patterns. Our baby sleep consultant in Oakville uses proven techniques to help you and your baby wake up each morning more rested and ready to face another day. 

Baby Sleep Services in Oakville

Baby’s Best Sleep offers a variety of sleep services for you and your child. Our Oakville Certified Sleep Consultant works with families with children from birth through five years of age. Need support and coaching to help your precious little one to sleep better? Let us show you how you and your baby can develop healthy sleep patterns by choosing one of our customized sleep packages. Each new day brings new opportunities for your little one to learn and explore. Start the day with a great night’s rest with the help of our baby sleep consultant in Oakville.

Newborn Sleep Consultant

The newborn sleep package is designed for infants from birth through 16 weeks of age. Our Newborn Package includes a detailed sleep evaluation with a newborn sleep consultant in Oakville, a one-hour personal consultation, and three telephone calls every two weeks. Get the assistance you need to help your child develop independent sleeping habits from birth.

Infant Sleep Consultant

Our infant sleep consulting package is tailored for children ages four months through two years. Infants and toddlers face unique sleep issues. With the help of a sleep specialist, your little one can achieve the restful, nourishing sleep he or she needs to grow, learn, and be happy. 

Your sleep coach designs a sleep plan tailored to your child’s needs and helps you implement that plan so your child can begin sleeping peacefully in just a few days and sleeping longer periods in just a few weeks.

In addition to a detailed sleep evaluation, one-hour consultation, and custom sleep plan, you also receive daily online support through sleep tracker, support phone calls, and two weeks of daily text message support.

For more challenging situations or special circumstances, you can request an in-home consultation and assistance at bedtime, which includes a nursery assessment. We also offer half and full night in-home consultations. 

Toddler & Preschooler Sleep Consulting

Older children may have sleep regression or experience issues that interrupt healthy sleep patterns. Our child sleep consultant in Oakville works with toddlers and preschoolers from 19 months of age through five years of age. You learn how to set clear boundaries for your child’s sleep and use positive reinforcement of good behaviors to encourage your child to develop healthy sleep habits.

As with our other packages, parents receive a one-hour consultation, detailed sleep evaluation, and a sleep plan tailored to their child’s needs. They also receive support for a sleep specialist through text messages, phone calls, and online sleep tracker. 

Our bedtime support package includes an in-home consultation and assistance at bedtime plus the nursery assessment. All our packages are also available for twins.

About Amanda Jewson — Oakville Certified Sleep Consultant

Amanda is excited about teaching parents and children about sleep. She is a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education, with a Guidance and Counseling Specialty. 

However, one of Amanda’s most impressive credentials is being the proud mother of two happy, healthy children. After successfully assisting her children in getting the restful sleep they needed, she became sleep-obsessed and learned everything there is to know about baby sleep consulting. Now, she is a sleep expert who helps parents by providing the skills, resources, support, and information they need to help their children sleep through the night. 

Amanda provides baby sleep consulting services in Oakville and worldwide. 

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