Newborn Sleep Survival Guide

They’re cute as a button, but you’re tired. Let’s fix that.


I designed this Survival Guide with the idea that we could empower parents to help their child sleep from a young age. I know you can because I did it with both of my girls by 8 weeks! Slowly, and steadily –you will have the tools to implement to get a great sleeper and fantastic base of sleep knowledge. But remember–this is not sleep training. There are no guarantees your child will stop being their newborn selves – newborns wake frequently and it’s important to remember there’s nothing wrong if your child is doing this! But if you’re struggling to survive and want to put your best foot forward, this is just for you!


Want To See What’s Inside?

Lesson 1 – What The Hell Is Happening?!
Lesson 2 – Safe Sleeping Guidelines + How You Might Be Affecting Your Childs Sleep
Lesson 3 –  The Basics, including Overtiredness, tired signs and all things swaddling!
Lesson 4 – THE GOALS: Self Soothing, Bedtime Routines and Aware Feedings
Lesson 5 – Getting them to sleep Independently, nighttime feeds and NAPS
+ FAQ’s + Resources!



“At three months old our little guy started waking every 20-45 minutes during the night and taking short catnaps during the day. He was exhausted, I was exhausted, it was torture and no one was happy. By the third night of working with Amanda, he was sleeping through. And the tools she taught us have seen us through illness, travel and regressions. Sleep is amazing. My advice is don’t wait to contact Amanda! I regret not calling her sooner.”