Baby Sleep Consultant in Canada

Learn how to encourage naps through consistent skills

(and a bit of sleep science)

Do Any of These Sound Like You Right Now?

  • You haven’t left the house in days out of fear of missing nap time
  • Your baby has to be rocked or cuddled to sleep, so they’re on you every second of the day
  • You spend all your time trying to get your baby to go to sleep and can’t find five minutes to have a coffee or (gasp!) do something for yourself
  • You sometimes wonder why your baby didn’t come with a handbook
  • You’re frazzled and exhausted all the time


About Our Masterclasses

At Baby’s Best Sleep, we’re passionate about mental health, for you and your baby – and we know that when your baby doesn’t sleep, everyone struggles. That’s why we’re passionate about helping families create sleep solutions that work for the entire family. 

Our consultants are all certified sleep experts and our programs are rooted in the latest infant sleep research. You can rest assured that you’re working within a scientifically proven program that is also gentle and compassionate. 

All our consultants are also moms, so we’ve been there and we get it.

We know this time in your life is batsh*t crazy, and we can help you get through it. 

Ever wished for a fairy godmother to come to your home and teach your baby to nap when it’s nap time?
Well bippity boppity boo! Your dream is about to come true.

The Nap Masterclass

You’ll get everything you need to support your baby in creating healthy nap habits – one that give you the flexibility and freedom to leave your house and live life again!  And you’ll be able to bypass common mistakes that can send you straight back to square one (and trust me, you really don’t want that!)


  1. Immediate access to the 1 hour Nap Masterclass Webinar
  2. A comprehensive workbook to guide you through the process
  3. BONUS: How to leave your house and break out of nap jail guide!