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Amanda Jewson created Baby’s Best Sleep to help parents and babies get great sleep. As a Mississauga certified sleep consultant, Amanda understands the importance of restful, healthy sleep for children and parents. As the mother of two young girls, Amanda knows that it can be difficult for parents and children when a child is are not sleeping well. Everyone in the home suffers. 

However, there is a solution. You and your baby can get the restful sleep that you need with a sleeping plan designed just for your baby’s needs. With the help of a baby sleep consultant in Mississauga, you can implement a sleep plan that does not include “crying it out” or other harsh remedies for sleep problems. 

Your baby’s sleep plan is tailored to his or her unique needs. Our sleep consultant services can have your baby sleeping soundly quickly.

Sleep Consultant Services

At Baby’s Best Sleep, we offer a variety of sleep help for newborns, infants, and toddlers. Each sleep program is customized based on a child’s age, sleep issues, and sleep goals. However, all of our sleep consulting plans include basic sleep consulting services by a certified Mississauga sleep specialist.

Newborn Sleep Package

Our Newborn Sleep Package is designed for newborns through 12 weeks of age. Newborn sleep help in includes a detailed sleep evaluation, one hour online or telephone consultation and three telephone calls every two weeks. You learn how to teach your newborn to sleep on his or her own, newborn sleep patterns, and how to get your newborn on a sleep schedule. 

Infant Sleep Consulting

Our Infant Sleep Program is for infants four months old through 18 months old. The program teaches parents how to help their infant achieve longer stretches of sleep each night, implement an age-appropriate sleep routine, and take longer naps during the day. We also address issues that can cause sleep regression during these months.

Our infant sleep help in includes:

  • Detailed sleep evaluation
  • Customized sleep plan for your infant
  • 1-hour consultation by Skype
  • Daily online sleep support through our sleep tracker
  • Four telephone calls
  • Two weeks of unlimited text message support

For parents who need additional bedtime support, an infant sleep consultant also offers a plan that includes an in-home consultation with assistance at bedtime for three hours and a nursery assessment.  For parents who are out of ideas and need sleep help, Baby’s Best Sleep can also arrange for a half night or overnight sleep consulting consultation. 

Overnight sleep consultations include the same basic services as our other infant sleep plans, but with the additional in-home support you need when your infant simply cannot get a great night’s rest.

Toddler and Preschool Sleep Consulting

Toddlers and preschoolers face unique sleep issues. Our toddler sleep consulting expert addresses these issues for children between the ages of 19 months and five years. We explore the reasons why your toddler stopped sleeping soundly through the night, refuses to sleep in his or her bed, or struggles to fall asleep at bedtime. 

To address the special sleep issues of toddlers and preschoolers, our Mississauga sleep services for young children include detailed sleep evaluations, customized sleep plans, Skype consultation, nighttime text message support, online sleep tracker, telephone calls, and week text messages. We also offer an in-home consultation and nursery assessment for this age group.

Get the Sleep Help You Need from the Best Child Sleep Consultant in Mississauga

Don’t take our word that Baby’s Best Sleep offers trusted and proven sleep consulting services for families in Toronto, Mississauga, and all of Ontario. Contact Amanda to schedule a free discovery call to learn how she can help your child get better sleep in just three days or less. 

Get the help you and your child need to achieve great sleep from a certified sleep consultant. You will be glad that you reached out to Baby’s Best Sleep when your child is sleeping soundly and getting the rest he or she needs to be happy and healthy.