Ever wished for a fairy godmother to come to your home and teach your baby to fall asleep independently?
This package is perfect for you.


You’ll get everything you need to teach your baby to go to sleep on their own and stay asleep, without intervention from you. And you’ll be able to bypass common mistakes that can send you straight back to square one (and trust me, you really don’t want that!)


One of the BBS team will be in your corner every step of the way! By selecting an IN-HOME package, your consultant will join you in your home for a portion of night one of the process – because we know that starting is often the hardest part!


  1. A comprehensive sleep evaluation of your baby’s current sleep habits and day-to-day routines.
  2. An extremely detailed sleep plan that gives you a complete strategy for teaching your baby to sleep on their own. We’ll go over your plan with you on the phone, and you’ll get contingency strategies for every situation, including bedtime, night wakings, naps, morning wake-up time, and more. 
  3. In-Home Support and Coaching. You’ll implement your plan on the first night, and we’ll be right there with you until your child falls asleep. 
  4. Two weeks of daily text support after the first night as you continue to implement your sleep strategies.
  5. Four phone calls with your consultant to answer any follow-up questions and make sure you reach your sleep goals.

It’s quick and easy to book your free initial consultation with one of our Baby’s Best Sleep Consultants. During that call, we’ll learn more about your family and figure out if we’re a good fit for working together. 

Click one of the buttons below to book your free consultation:

Amanda Jewson

BBS Founder + Sleep Expert
From 6pm – 9pm $1745+HST
From 6pm – 12am $2495+HST

Karen Nussbaum

Certified Sleep Consultant

From 6pm – 9pm $1195+HST
From 6pm – 12am $1650+HST
From 6pm – 6am $2495+HST

Virtual Coaching

  • ✔️ Personalized sleep evaluation and tailor-made plan.
  • ✔️ Night One text support.
  • ✔️Two weeks of unlimited daily responsive text messages.
  • ✔️Ongoing free support if needed—our team works with you until you’re sleeping (whether that’s 30 days or 70 days. But most clients achieve all sleep goals within 2 weeks).
  • ✔️Enrolment into Live Your Best Life, a signature program that helps parents tackle nap transitions, changing wake windows, travelling, daylight savings, regressions and everything in between.
  • ✔️Enrolment in BBS’s Private Clients Connect program: a peer-to-peer support group with every past BBS client. This is the most supportive and loyal group on the internet.
  • ✔️ Four one-on-one follow up phone calls.

*In-home services can only be offered to individuals to can show proof of full vaccination according to PHAC. Every consultant is fully vaccinated and will show proof before entering your home.

Our services may be covered under extended insurance plans! 

If you have a ‘Health Care Spending, Personal Spending or Mental Health Support’ accounts you may be eligible.  These accounts typically cover the costs of gym memberships, or fitness equipment and will often cover a portion or the entirety of our services–please check with your employer, HR or insurer.