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Baby Sleep Expert in Hamilton

If you are an exhausted parent, wondering whether your baby or toddler will ever learn to sleep through the night, you are not alone. Many parents fear they will never get another good night’s sleep now that their little one has arrived. Parents may turn to their parents, friends, family members, or self-help books for a solution to help their child get a full night’s rest. However, there is a better way — work with a baby sleep consultant.

A Sleep Expert Can Help Your Child Sleep Peacefully

Amanda Jewson is a Hamilton certified sleep consultant. She founded Baby’s Best Sleep in 2017 after giving birth to her second daughter. Amanda is obsessed with finding the best way to help parents and children get the rest they need to maintain good health and well-being. 

She was successful in helping both of her children achieve a great night’s sleep soon after birth and wanted to share her secrets with others. Amanda completed training and obtained her certification as an infant and child sleep consultant. She is now one of the most sought-after sleep experts in Hamilton and throughout Canada, particularly the Toronto area. Amanda shares proven sleep training basics with parents that achieve healthy sleep habits. When everyone in the family receives restorative rest, everyone is healthier and happier.

Baby’s Best Sleep is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Sleep Training

Every child is unique. What works for one child may not work with another child. When searching for a sleep consultant for your child, you need to ensure that you hire a sleep expert who understands how to tailor a sleep plan to your family’s and your child’s specific needs. There is not one right way to improve your child’s sleep habits. Amanda works closely with parents to evaluate their needs and goals before developing a sleep plan for their child. She takes the time necessary to learn about your child before she offers advice, support, and guidance.

A Sleep Plan for Every Family 

Baby’s Best Sleep offers a variety of plans and sleep consulting services. All sleep consultant packages include a detailed sleep evaluation and plans for children four months and older include individualized sleep plans. 

Based upon your child’s age and your specific needs, you can choose from a variety of packages that include sleep consulting services such as:

  • Daily online support through a sleep tracker
  • Support telephone calls
  • Text messages support
  • In-home consultation 
  • In-home half-night and full-night bedtime assistance and consultations
  • Nursery assessment
  • Additional support materials 

Because we offer a variety of sleep consulting services, parents can choose the plan that best meets their needs. Amanda is dedicated to providing services as a baby sleep coach that results in children becoming great sleepers. 

You may also want to check out Amanda’s Sleep Workshops and favorite products to help babies and children sleep better. You can also find helpful information about helping your child sleep by reading Amanda’s blogs.

Begin your journey to better sleep by contacting a certified sleep consultant in Hamilton!

There is no reason why you and your child need to suffer through one more sleepless night. A sleep expert can help you end sleepless nights. In many cases, parents help their child sleep through the night or for longer periods in just a few days after beginning Amanda’s sleep plan. 

Baby’s Best Sleep Can Help Your Child Become a Great Sleeper

Amanda offers a free discovery call for parents who want more information about sleep consultants for babies and children. You can schedule your free 15-minute call with a Hamilton baby sleep consultant online. It is easy and free!