Want a good night’s rest?

You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome Sleepy Parents!

I’m so glad you’re thinking about group coaching.

Group coaching is one of my all-time favourite things that I’ve ever done. I launched the first groups in 2018 and they were a huge hit.

I wanted to start group coaching to help more people who couldn’t afford a 1-1 sleep consultant, but the results and outcomes were far more than I could ever imagine. 

My group members become friends (some are still life long friends today!). Participants started supporting each other and cheering each other on. It seriously makes me emotional every time we run groups because of how powerful the relationships are. And as BBS grows this is an offering we’re now able to offer monthly. Let me tell you about the experiences (because I know for a fact it’s unparalleled).

We’re glad you’re here!

Look, we GET how annoying it is to know that your friend down the street ALSO isn’t sleeping but is STILL managing to look like she actually may shower daily. And those strategies your sister gave you (the ones she swore up and down were magic for her baby) just aren’t helping you and your baby get the sleep you need. All the while, your friends and family keep telling you that ‘this is normal’, or ‘they’ll sleep when they’re five!’ or ‘it’s just a phase!’. But we know differently. We’ve had clients tell us that the sleep deprivation was so bad they wanted to get in their cars and drive away. We GET IT.

This isn’t just a phase. No, you’re not imagining things. And yes. We can help.

BEING A PARENT DOES NOT MEAN SLEEP IS OFF THE TABLE. IN FACT, THIS IS WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST (and it doesn’t require having a night nurse, Gwenyth Paltrow level wealth, or magic beans)

You’re not a bad parent if you’re not enjoying this part of parenthood, and there is help that is effective yet emotionally supportive for you and baby. We know you’ve done ALL.THE.THINGS to help your baby sleep! We commend you that you’ve done this much! You’ve put in the work, and it’s ok that you’re still here. BUT we don’t want you to go through that anymore.

We know that parents need to go to sleep, take a break, and be ok.

We’re here to (finally!) bring an end to the cycle of the ‘3AM Google search’, the trick that worked one night, and back to Google 3 days later. Let’s put a stop to that here.

We get it. We’re standing here with you.

We’re the Baby’s Best Sleep Team. And we’re really good at sleep.

Emma Hendry-Dickie

I am a mother to 3 young boys and to say that I have felt the long days and nights of sleep deprivation is an understatement! I wanted to work in this field because I want to show parents that babies can sleep! Of course there will be times when sleep is disrupted but when it is interfering with everyday life it’s time to call for some help. I am very passionate about working with parents to help find gentle sleep solutions that work for you and your baby. 

I have a degree in Psychology with a specialization in child psychology. I previously worked in social work and as a behaviour therapist for children with Autism. The sleep solutions that I use are based on the latest paediatric sleep science so you know the strategies are gentle and scientifically proven. You can’t get much better than that!

Amanda Jewson

Amanda is a your resident sleep expert. As a certified sleep consultant, Amanda has helped hundreds of families get the sleep that they need, and as a mom herself, understands the struggles that come along with sleep depravation at every stage. Amanda has created and designed the BBS sleep programming you’ll be working through

Bria MacCallum

As a new parent, I didn’t know where to begin. I mean, there is no handbook for raising a little person! All I wanted was for someone to put out their hand and help guide me, give me the tools, knowledge, and confidence to change my outcome. And that is what I want to do for parents and caregivers.

I want to be that hand you need when you feel like you do not know where to go with your baby’s sleep. I want to give everyone with little ones the opportunity to wake up in the morning, after having the best sleep, saying “I feel like a new person!” You deserve it. I am so proud to be trusted in this journey with you, and cannot wait to meet you soon!

Marta Godfrey

My passion about infant/ child sleep is two fold. Firstly, easing the mental load and stress burden of a parent is priority. Parenthood, specifically early parenthood, is a season of life that brings so much joy, but it doesn’t come without its struggles. There are so many parts of that struggle that you can’t change and you just have to push through, but sleep is not one of them. My second passion is the actual sleep science behind it. Sleep is one of, if not the most important contributors to a child’s physical, emotional and mental development and well being. Humans need sleep like they need food. And just like we need to teach a child the skills of eating real food, we have to teach the skills needed to sleep properly.

By joining Group Coaching, you will:

1. Learn the BBS method (less crying, more sleep, fast results) that will help your baby sleep while ensuring your bond, attachment and relationship remain intact and better than ever with the BBS signature programming (and PDF step-by-step you can keep forever with tips and tricks for the future to maintain that beautiful sleep!)

2. Have access to a weekly LIVE seminar with your group’s BBS consultant to go over strategies and answer your personal concerns/questions over 2 weeks!

3. Connect with a community of like-minded parents who want to sleep and want to cheer you on.

4. Ask your consultant questions daily. You read that right. No waiting 24 hours! You’ll have answers to your questions several times a day in our Facebook Support Group for 2 weeks straight!

The investment is only $347 for 2 weeks of the BBS experience (that’s 2 weeks of our renowned support, your own consultant, all of the BBS methods that have made us famous, and RESULTS for just half of what working one-on-one costs).

4 weeks ~ 4 Workshops ~ 1000’s of questioned answered


Aren’t able to join us this time around? Be the first to know when registration opens for our next Group Coaching! 


  • Week 1 Zoom Topic:
    The basics: teaching your child to sleep
  • Week 2 Zoom Topic
    Securing the basics: developing a schedule/ routine and staying on track when things get sticky
  • Week 3 Zoom Topic:
    General Support Q&A
  • Week 4 Zoom Topic:
    Living A Normal Life w/ A Sleeping Baby! (Naps, Travel and Teething–oh my!)

This group will also be able to interact with each other 24 hours a day in a private Facebook group just for you (forget 3AM googling! Try 3AM support from your new BFF!). Your consultant will be providing support Monday-Saturday (during working hours) in the group and answering your questions personally

Is this right for me?

    • You like sleep (and your baby is between the ages of 4 months and 2 years)
    • You don’t have time to get dressed in the morning (but want time)
    • You’re tired of Facebook mommy-group doctrines and looking for something that actually works instead.
    • You’d like to have a conversation with your partner about something other than diapers
    • You like chocolate and pizza (ok…not required but its a bonus)