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Toronto Infant Sleep Consultant

Hi there!
I’m excited to start and helping your family find rest.
Please use the following guide to get ready for our consultation.

Night 1 Preparation

Here are some essential things you’ll need to do on the day we start together to ensure success for our night 1!

  • Naps are a priority so your child isn’t overtired (any way you can get them–all sleep props allowed)
  • Increase feedings during the day
  • Bedtime will be between 7/730–make sure that your child isn’t sleeping too close to bedtime.


    • 4-5MO–wake 2 hours before bed
    • 7-12MO–wake 3 hours before bed
    • 12-24 months 3-4 hours before bed
  • Try not to skip naps, especially before bed, may make bedtime more challenging
  • Try to get rest yourself!
  • Think about easy/ takeout dinner/ delivery if possible (who knows if you’ll have time to cook). Make it easy on yourself!
  • You should prepare to go to bed early as sleep don’t know how many times baby will wake up and a rested mama and papa can deal with wake ups better 🙂


Things to do/obtain before our consultation

Infant Sleep Consultant in Toronto