Amanda invites YOU to her slumber party…except unlike the ones you attended in the ’90s, this is a slumber party that actually includes sleep, for you, your children and the entire family!

Each week Amanda will focus on a listener question or a unique guest that helps parents navigate their common sleep concerns for their babies and children.

Amanda is a certified infant and child sleep specialist bringing her humorous, real and unique brand of sleep advice for the modern, busy, and active mom.

Bring your popcorn, your ponytail and your pillow!

Transcript for “Teaser and welcome!”

Hey everybody. It is Amanda Jewson, your infant and child sleep consultant coming to you live from Toronto. I guess not live for you live for me because you are listening to this at a different time. Welcome to my podcast. This is a little teaser episode.

I don’t have much to say today other than to so humbly ask you to help me with your sleep questions. Each week I will be answering one listener question and talking about their specific sleep issue. And I’m not only going to answer that question the best I can give the information I can, but I’m going to give you the real deal of sleep advice. No more canned responses, no more nap jail. We’re going to try to find real life sleep solutions for you and your family so you don’t go crazy. That’s my goal. Less crazy, more sleep.

So if you have a question, please email me at Amanda at Send me a DM on Instagram or on Facebook, either one of those works.

If you’d like to be a guest, if you have a cool sleep story or you want to share something cool about your child’s sleep or some awesome advice, I’d love to have you on the program.

Also, send me an email. I think that’s it for now, everybody.

Thank you so much for joining me.