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Baby Sleep Expert in Edmonton, Alberta

Are you having trouble getting your baby or child to fall asleep? Or maybe they have trouble staying asleep. Sleep problems are extremely common in babies and young children, and oftentimes, the common remedies, such as rocking or lullabies, simply won’t do the trick. If you’re struggling with bedtime or helping your baby get enough sleep, give our Certified Sleep Consultant in Edmonton a call at Baby’s Best Sleep.

Sleep Hygiene & Habits

Even on the nights when it feels like your child may never go to sleep, it is one of the most important building blocks for a healthy and happy little one. Many children need some support when it comes to establishing strong sleep habits and a solid routine. Our sleep coaches are trained in researched and tested methods and techniques that will help your child learn how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night long.

Edmonton Sleep Support for Babies

Our team at Baby’s Best Sleep has developed a variety of services to support families with children from birth up to five years of age. Our sleep coaches understand the unique challenges faced by new and experienced parents alike when it comes to helping your child establish a good sleep routine and proper sleep habits. Each of our packages is customized to fit your needs, as well as your child’s. We are passionate about making sure your entire family experiences your best night’s sleep.

Newborn Package – Sleep Services

We designed our newborn sleep package for those parents that are ready to start things off on the right foot when it comes to establishing proper sleep habits. Created for infants from birth to 16 weeks old, this package includes a sleep evaluation with your sleep coach, a personal consultation, and support via telephone calls as you implement your custom sleep plan. Your sleep coach will be by your side every step of the way as you teach your newborn healthy sleep habits.

Infant Package – Sleep Services

Our infant sleep package is designed for those challenging times experienced by many parents of children ages four months through two years. Children in this age group can experience a variety of sleep-related issues which our sleep coaches have seen and resolved many times. Your little one will soon be on track, waking up feeling refreshed and ready for another day of learning and growing.

This package includes a custom sleep plan for your child, as well as ongoing support. You’ll receive a one-hour consultation with your Certified Sleep Consultant when you begin working them and ongoing support via our online sleep tracker, phone calls, and text messages.

If you need additional support, we do offer in-home services including nursery assessments and hands-on bedtime assistance. Contact us to discuss half-nights or full-night in-home consultations.

Toddler & Preschool Package – Sleep Services

Even with a well-established bedtime routine and sleep schedule, older children can often experience sleep regression or other interruptions to their normal routine. Let our sleep coaches help you get things back on track by setting clear boundaries and using positive reinforcement to encourage proper sleeping habits.

As with all of our packages, you will receive a sleep evaluation along with a customized sleep plan and a one-hour consultation with your sleep coach. They will support you as you implement your plan through our online sleep tracker, text messages, and phone calls.

Our Edmonton Sleep Specialist – Bria MacCallum

Bria became a sleep coach to help parents and caregivers wake up each morning ready to be the best they can be. She is passionate about providing tools, knowledge, and the confidence needed to face bedtime with ease, no matter what your family is currently experiencing.

Bria has experienced the challenges of bedtime firsthand with her own daughter and wants to be the resource for others that she wishes she had as a new parent. She is passionate about supporting her clients and helping the families of Edmonton get their best night’s sleep, every night.

If you need help with bedtime or are facing other sleep challenges, schedule your free discovery call with Baby’s Best Sleep today.