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D.I.Y Sleep Work

Need sleep help right now? Want a more budget-friendly solution? Amanda has finally put her acclaimed coaching into the DIY product you need to sleep again. This program allows for choice, is emotionally supportive and includes group support with other members of our Baby’s Best Sleep Community!  As your infant sleep coach in Toronto, I know this program will work for your family. 

Toronto Infant and Child Sleep Consultant Online Courses

Do you need help…

  • Surviving the 4-month sleep regression (and the 8 months one, 10 etc)?

  • Getting longer naps for your baby?

  • Achieving longer stretches of sleep at night?

  • Implementing an age-appropriate routine for baby?

  • Getting some sleep (for you!)?

DIY Sleep

$175 USD($99USD for Newborn) gets you…

  • Amanda’s Brain Amanda’s sleep programming and tips and tricks for the day, the night and all the sleep in between. 
  • Support in your back pocket 24/7! Enrolment in the course means membership into Baby’s Best Sleepers Online Community (on the Mighty Networks) where you will connect with other members going through the same things you are!  Courses are accessible through the Mighty Networks app or your desktop. Learn your way!
  • No homework. Just the goods–no workbooks, or long videos–just what you need to get you sleeping quickly.
  • For YOUR babe Programming tailored to the age and stage of your child! Newborn-2YRS! (Please note, Newborn courses are not sleep training. Instead, my course will set you up with important habits that will possibly avoid having to ever teach your child how to sleep!)
  • JOIN IN JANUARY and get 3 weeks of LIVE Webinars with Amanda and your age group beginning January 17! 
  • PURCHASE YOUR COURSE HERE and start right now!



Toronto Infant Sleep Consultant Serving Worldwide!

“I cannot say enough about Amanda. She is simply the best and knows exactly what she’s doing. When we contacted her about our 8-month-old daughter we were waking up 5-6 times a night and struggling with 30 minutes naps which took longer to get her down for. Amanda listened and ensured all her suggestions were tailored to our needs. My daughter was sleeping through the night by day 3!”

Xhovana & Evangeline

Toronto, Ontario

My 4-month-old went from being rocked/bounced/nursed to sleep with a pacifier (and only sleeping for 40min stretches I might add) to independently sleeping 12 hours STRAIGHT within a matter of days! I went from being a SUPER sleep deprived mama to a mama who can now be fully present with her little one. I was extremely nervous about sleep training, but was able to get through it with Amanda’s continuous support.

Cassandra Cairo and Isabella

King City, Ontario

“Our 7 month old started going through her 3 to 2 nap transition pretty early and we couldn’t figure out proper timing to save our lives!  After just one week of working with Amanda, our daughter was taking 2 solid naps per day and sleeping 12 hours uninterrupted at night! I feel confident and relaxed thinking about the next nap transition as I know Amanda is only a phone call away!”

Iva Chivotti and Charlotte

Toronto, Ontario

“I created these programs to help more families quickly. Up again at 4AM? You can start these programs the very next night!”

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