Aisha - Baby's Best Sleep

Aisha E. Wovenu

Senior Sleep Consultant, BSW, MSW, RSW

Full package: $825

Meet Aisha, a lovely mother of two, Registered Social Worker and Sleep Consultant who is dedicated to supporting families towards their babies best peaceful naps and nights. As a full-time mental health therapist, Aisha understands the impact and connection of sleep to overall wellness which has led to her journey to helping others to sleep better.  Aisha is a strength and evidence-based collaborative Sleep Consultant who enjoys working to create peaceful nights.

Aisha speaks English and Ewe! She is certified to work with children newborn to 5 years old.

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Whether you’re at the beginning stages of sleep training with your baby or you just want to improve your mental health as a parent, the sleep consultants at Baby’s Best Sleep are here to help.

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