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Baby Sleep Expert in Calgary

So many parents have been there – you’ve tried everything, but your baby just won’t go to sleep. Trouble going to sleep or staying asleep is an issue experienced by babies and children of all ages. While there are many tips and tricks out there, from lullabies to white noise machines, sometimes it can feel like nothing is working. If you’re feeling frustrated by your child’s bedtime routine and your lack of sleep, give our Calgary Certified Sleep Consultant a call and find out how Baby’s Best Sleep can help.

Your Baby’s Best Sleep

Our goal at Baby’s Best Sleep is to help your baby get to sleep and stay asleep, so the entire family can benefit from a good night’s rest. Many children need some help establishing proper sleep patterns and habits, and our sleep consultants are trained in researched and proven techniques to help your little one gets the best sleep possible, meaning both of you wake up ready to take on the day.

Calgary’s Baby Sleep Specialists

We know that sleep problems can arise for children at any age, so we offer a variety of services for ages ranging from birth to five years of age. Our sleep coaches offer the support and guidance you need to get bedtime on track. They will be by your side as you teach your child the skills they need to help themselves fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sleep Consultation for Newborns

We designed our newborn sleep package for both new and experienced parents with infants from birth to 16 weeks old. We believe in starting proper sleep habits early so this package includes a sleep evaluation, a personal consultation with your sleep coach, and phone calls for support every two weeks as you implement your new sleep routine. We will help you quickly and effectively teach your baby good sleeping habits from the very beginning.

Sleep Consultation for Infants

Our infant sleep package is designed for children between the ages of four months and two years. This can be a particularly difficult time for many families, and you may be facing a variety of sleep issues. Sleep is also extremely important for your child at this age, as they are growing quickly and need to be well-rested each and every day.

With this package, you will be paired with a sleep coach who will conduct a detailed sleep evaluation and then customize a sleep plan for your unique needs. It also includes a one-hour consultation with your sleep consultant to answer any questions you may have, as well as ongoing support through our online platform, phone calls, and text messages.

If you are facing a unique situation, we also offer in-home consultations. Your sleep coach will come to your home to perform bedtime assessments and provide hands-on assistance. Choose from half-night or full-night packages to best suit your needs.

Sleep Consultation for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Even if your child has established a good sleep routine, we often see sleep regression or interruptions to normal sleeping patterns in older children. That is why we created our toddler and preschooler package for children from 19 months to five years old. Your sleep coach will help you set clear boundaries for your child and utilize positive reinforcement around good bedtime behaviors.

This package includes our standard sleep evaluation, one-hour consultation with your sleep coach, and a customized sleep plan for your child. You will also receive online support via our sleep tracking platform, text messages, and phone calls with your sleep coach.

Meet Bria MacCallum – Our Calgary Certified Sleep Consultant

Bria knows firsthand how frustrating and exhausting the long nights of little sleep can be with a new baby. As a mother, she has experienced many nights pacing her daughter’s nursery, trying every trick she could think of to get her to go down. 

Now a Certified Sleep Consultant in Calgary, Bria strives to be the resource she wishes she had as a new mother, desperate for a good night’s sleep for both her and her daughter. She is passionate about providing tools, knowledge, and confidence to parents and caregivers so they can wake up each morning to be the best they can be.

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a free discovery call to get started with Baby’s Best Sleep.