Hi, I’m Bria!

Alberta Baby Sleep Consultant

After many nights of racking up steps on my smartwatch from pacing around my daughter’s nursery, singing lullabies where the chorus was a breakdown of the random snacks I managed to eat that day and trying so many bouncing/rocking moves I looked like I could have placed first on Dancing with the Stars – I knew something had to change. No one in the house was sleeping, I was mentally and physically exhausted and I felt like I didn’t know where to start to try and get my life back. It was a rather dark time in a period I thought I would feel the most brightness.

As a new parent, I didn’t know where to begin. I mean, there is no handbook for raising a little person! All I wanted was for someone to put out their hand and help guide me, give me the tools, knowledge, and confidence to change my outcome. And that is what I want to do for parents and caregivers.

I want to be that hand you need when you feel like you do not know where to go with your baby’s sleep. I want to give everyone with little ones the opportunity to wake up in the morning, after having the best sleep, saying “I feel like a new person!” You deserve it. I am so proud to be trusted in this journey with you, and cannot wait to meet you soon!

While I can work remotely anywhere, many of my clients are in the Alberta region, specifically Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary.