BBS Approved Programs!

These businesses are not affiliated with Baby’s Best Sleep, however, their Sleep Consultant has completed their BBS Sleep Consultant Certification Training with BBS Founder Amanda Jewson.

Better Nights Baby Sleep

We take the stress out of sleep! We know that you need a simple and easy to follow sleep plan, because let’s face it, life with a baby is complicated enough already. Sleep doesn’t have to be! With text message support as you navigate your sleep training journey, we are with you every step of the way.

Slumber And Shine

Hi, I’m Phoebe! At Slumber and Shine, I use evidence-based methodologies and respectful techniques to get the whole family sleeping restfully and restoratively. My own incredible results with sleep training my son, inspired me share effective methods with other families, so they too can feel the weight of sleep-deprivation lifted. I would love to help your little one get the rest they need to shine!

Sweet Dreamers

I’m Shira, founder of Sweet Dreamers Sleep Consulting, and mama to two little girls of my own. I offer sleep consulting that is evidence-based and emotionally supportive for the whole family. I am based in Toronto and offer virtual services worldwide.

Tiny Dreams Sleep Consulting

Hi! I’m Erin from Tiny Dreams Consulting. I use a science based approach to sleep education. As all babies are unique, your situation is too! I create programs that work to fit your families needs and I support you through every step of the program. As a mom of 2, I completely understand that a well rested family functions better then a sleep deprived one and I love that I get to help families get the rest they need and deserve.

Jamie Talks Therapy

Hi, I’m Jamie! There is so much that goes on around us and we are constantly going through our days without giving ourselves as much time to sit back and really take care of ourselves. This also goes for parents with newborns. When it comes to your loved ones, you want to make sure that everyone is able to get some much needed R & R. You deserve that self care and sleep just as much as your baby, and we can work together to make sure you reach your goals for keeping your mind at ease. As a psychotherapist, I truly believe therapy is a journey of healing and unfolds gently over time. We will work together to develop goals that are unique to you and towards your mental well-being. During our time together, I strive to create a safe, authentic, and comfortable space where we can foster a trusting relationship. I will encourage an environment for you to learn new strategies and coping skills, and to discover your inner strengths to empower yourself.

Star Dreamers

My Name is Joscelyn Ward and I am Certified Sleep Consultant for children. I started this career with a passion for helping others; as I was just like any tired parent; longing for more rested sleep. I want to help your child with their sleep needs to get the whole family resting well. I work with children from ages four months to five years. I also offer a Newborn Sleep Package. My practice is based on scientific evidence with gentle sleep support. My goal is to support you in your decision making and guide you through a sleep plan that works for your whole family. I am also an Early Childhood Educator, with over 15 years of experience. I have a strong knowledge of children’s developmental needs and behaviors which will support my judgement for your child’s sleep success.

Love To Sleep Consulting

Evidence based, compassionate and effective sleep coaching that will have you & your baby sleeping in a few days! Helping families develop healthy sleep habits while offering the BEST advice possible!

Kimberley Anne Sleep

I founded Kimberley Anne Sleep because I believe that when families thrive – everyone wins. As a certified sleep consultant with a background in early childhood development and education- I know and believe that being well-rested is the foundation to health and well being. My approach is simple: you know your baby, and I know sleep. As we develop a solid sleep plan, you will gain skills that will empower YOU to teach your baby to sleep independently. I’ll be there to coach you through it, until you are your best rested self!

Jennie Jung

Helping sleep deprived families in Korea from Canada!

Precious Little Zzz’s

Hey there! I’m Priya, founder of Precious Little Zzz’s and mama to my sweet little boy. I want you to know that restful sleep with little ones IS possible. I remember those days of being a sleep deprived new mama and how it negatively impacted my well being and the well being of my entire family. I made the decision to transform my reality by doing sleep work, and it was the best decision I ever made! Sleep work changed my life so much that it inspired me to try and provide this service to others. At Precious Little Zzz’s, we offer evidence based, sustainable and safe sleep solutions so everyone can get those precious zzz’s they deserve! I would love to support your family on their journey to restful sleep!

Hush Little Baby Sleep Co

Hello, I’m Alex! I created Hush Little Baby Sleep Co. after realizing the life changing impact that sleep coaching had on my life, mental health, marriage and entire experience of motherhood. My practice is evidence-based and custom tailored to your baby’s and family’s needs and goals. I can’t wait to get you back to sleep!