Baby Sleep Consultant in Atlantic Canada

Baby Sleep Expert in Atlantic

So many parents face challenges when it comes to getting their baby or child to fall asleep and stay asleep. There are so many tips and techniques to try, from rocking to bouncing to white noise machines, but some days it simply feels like nothing works. If you’re frustrated and tired, give our Atlantic Certified Sleep Consultants a call to see how our team at Baby’s Best Sleep can help.

Sleep Habit Help

While it may seem like your child is fighting sleep with everything they have, they do actually want and need to sleep. Babies and children may need some extra support and guidance to help establish a proper sleep routine and healthy sleeping habits. Teaching them how to sleep properly will mean a better night’s sleep for both you and your baby.

Baby Sleep Support in the Atlantic

At Best Baby’s Sleep, we have a variety of services that will help support you and your child as you establish healthy bedtime routines to get to sleep and stay asleep. Each of our sleep consultants is trained in researched and proven methods to help your little one wind down on their own and learn to self-soothe if they do encounter wakeups during the night. Our Atlantic team has services for children starting at birth through five years of age, so we are prepared to support you in whatever sleep challenges you and your family are currently facing.

Sleep Package for Newborns

Our newborn sleep package is designed to start you off on the right foot and is designed for babies from birth to 16 weeks old. This package includes a detailed sleep evaluation for your newborn, along with a personal consultation with your sleep coach, and check-ins by phone every two weeks to answer questions, make adjustments, etc. This is the perfect package for new and experienced parents alike.

Sleep Package for Infants

We designed our infant sleep package for those tricky times when your child is four months old through two years. This can be an especially challenging period for all parents as your child needs a good amount of sleep to support proper growth, but they often fight it every step of the way. Your sleep coach will work with you to design a sleep plan customized for your child’s unique challenges and support you as you put it in place and see results.

This package also includes a sleep evaluation, a personal consultation with your sleep coach, and ongoing support via our online sleep tracker and phone or text message check-ins. If you are dealing with a more challenging or unique situation, we also offer in-home services. This can include a bedtime routine and environment evaluation and recommendations, along with hands-on assistance while you put your child to sleep. We offer half-night or full-night packages to fit your needs.

Sleep Package for Toddlers & Preschoolers

We commonly see issues like sleep regression or interrupted sleep patterns in older children, which is why we developed our toddler and preschooler sleep package for children 19 months through five years old. Like our other packages, our services include a sleep evaluation along with a one-hour consultation with your sleep coach. You’ll receive ongoing support through our online sleep tracker, text messages, and phone calls.

Our Atlantic Sleep Specialist – Lexie Burgress Misner

As our Atlantic Certified Sleep Specialist, Lexie brings a background in early childhood education and educational assisting, along with experience in management and mentorship. She is a strong leader with an empathetic style that is perfect for supporting families on their sleep journey.

Lexie became a sleep coach because she believes that a child’s sleep is an integral part of overall wellness not only for the child but for the entire family. She is thrilled to support local families as they become their healthiest and happiest selves.

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