Annapolis Valley Baby Sleep Consultant

Is your baby or child facing the all-too-common challenge of falling asleep? Or maybe they’re having trouble staying asleep, resulting in multiple wakeups for both you and your baby. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to get your baby to sleep, it may be time to give one of our Annapolis Valley Certified Sleep Consultants a call at Baby’s Best Sleep.

Proper Sleep Hygiene

Most babies need a bit of help establishing a good sleep routine. Our trained consultants will evaluate your individual situation and provide you with proven methods and techniques to help your child go to sleep on time and stay asleep. This means both parents and baby will be better rested and wake up prepared to enjoy the day together.

Baby’s Best Sleep in Annapolis Valley

Our team at Baby’s Best Sleep has a variety of packages for our neighbors in Annapolis Valley so we can make sure we offer the best services to you and your family. We offer services for children ranging in age from newborns to five years old and customize each of our packages to address the sleep problems that may arise for that age group. When you work with Baby’s Best Sleep, you will be paired with a Certified Sleep Consultant who will work with you to develop sleep plans and support you as you implement them.

Newborn Sleep Package

Starting things off on the right foot is essential and our newborn sleep package helps parents of infants from birth up to 16 weeks establish proper sleep habits from the very beginning. This package includes a detailed evaluation, a personal consultation with your sleep consultant, and telephone check-ins every two weeks to support you along the way.

Infant Sleep Package

One of our most popular options is our infant sleep package, designed for children from four months to two years. We see a variety of sleep-related challenges for children at this age and it can often become detrimental to the health of both the child and parents.

Your personal sleep coach will provide you with a sleep evaluation, a personal consultation, and a detailed sleep plan that will get your child sleeping on time and through the night. This package also includes online support through our sleep tracker, phone calls with your consultant, and two weeks of text support. If you need additional support, we offer in-home consultations where we can assess bedtime routines, sleeping environments, and provide hands-on coaching for you throughout the process.

Toddler & Preschool Sleep Package

Sleep regression can be very common for older children, which is why we created our toddler and preschool package for children from 19 months to five years of age. Your sleep consultant will help you establish boundaries around bedtime and use positive reinforcement to encourage good sleep habits.

Our toddler and preschool package includes our detailed evaluation, a personal consultation, and a customized sleep plan for your child. Parents receive ongoing support from their coach via our online sleep tracker, phone calls, and text message support.

Our Annapolis Valley Certified Sleep Consultant – Lexie Burgress Misner

Lexie has spent her life committed to supporting others through education and mentorship. Her background is in early childhood education and education assisting and she brings experience in organizational behavior and leadership to the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia region.

Lexie is passionate about proper baby and child sleep because she believes it is essential to the health of not only the child but the entire family. She became a Certified Sleep Consultant to support families to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

If you and your baby are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, contact Baby’s Best Sleep today to schedule a free discovery call and learn more about our services.