Meet Karen Nussbaum

Top Sleep Consultant in Toronto


My Training

I am a Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant with a special interest in newborn and toddler sleep. In addition to being mentored by Amanda, I pride myself on staying up to date on all the latest infant and child research and sleep science fields, so you can be rest assured that both your baby and yourself are embarking on a gentle, effective and scientifically proven guided program. I have a Masters Degree in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University.

My Philosophy

Being a mother to two young boys (a toddler and a baby), I am all too familiar with sleep deprivation and the detrimental effects it can have on the family. Good mental health and sleep has always been very important and is a true passion of mine! I chose to become an infant and child sleep consultant because I want to help other tired parents teach their babies how to sleep and provide families with the same peace of mind, restful nights, and renewed energy that Baby’s Best Sleep provided to my family.

I am passionate and committed to working with parents to find gentle, individualized, and effective sleep solutions that will work for you, your baby, and the whole family! Looking for some help on how to gently get your baby sleeping soundly through the night and getting some “you” time back? Then let’s chat, I would love to help you! I’m just a few buttons away! 

Work with Me

Remember what it was like to feel human? Let’s get that feeling back in a gentle, supportive environment.